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Lancaster, PA store listing
For those going to the show!


For those of you who will be traveling and wanting to know the location of quilt shops you may want to purchase the book call "Quilters Travel Companion". It lists shops in every city and state in the US. It's a wonderful book and only $10. It gives information about the shop, types of fabric, books, and a map telling how to get there. I have used mine several times and I'm really not much of a traveler. It's put out by Chalet Publishing 32 Grand Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829. You could probably order through there or your local shop. No affiliation - but do enjoy the book. Happy traveling. Judy


My name is Audrey Anderson. I am the editor of the Quilters' Travel Companion. I was going through the listing of quilt shops you supply on the web and came to the end and pleasently surprised to see my book mentioned. I will be completely redoing the book for the 1998-2000 edition (feels very strange to type 2000). This edition will hit the market in early June of 1998. At any rate, thanks again for the mention. Keep up the good work on the web site. Sincerely, Audrey Anderson 1 (800) 959-4587

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