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 Mystery Quilts

Everyone needs a little mystery in their lives. Try one of quilt mysteries.

Jessica Fourpatch and Miter She Wrote & Case #113

© 1999 Merry May

Miter She Wrote -- Jessica Four-Patch presents: Case #108

© 1997 Merry May

Make a 64" square quilt top which includes an optional friendship block swap mid-way through the series. Or, keep all of your own blocks and gather your own bunches of signatures for your quilt. After all, as they say, "Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life!"

A Summer Mystery Quilt

I developed this mystery for my guild, Illinois Quilters, Inc. and posted it to QuiltBee and Quiltnet; feel free to share it with your friends, just let them know where you got it! There are only 4 parts. If you do the mystery, I would appreciate a photograph of the resulting top.

Lynn Dykstra

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PS: I always add the challege to a mystery by allowing myself to use only fabric already in my stash.

A Scrappy Quilt Mystery

This pattern was developed by Penny Pennington. She has graciously offered to share it with the readers of the WWQP. For more information about this mystery quilt, please contact Penny at There are five parts to this mystery.

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