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Digest for Monday, October 25, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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From: Hwoodquilt 
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:35:45 EDT
Subject: Steph - scraps

I organize my scraps according to dominant color or background in plastic 
bags.  I try to keep my scraps as straight and flat as I can so they do not 
get crushed up.
The initial sorting will take some time but once done it is easy to add 
From: Jo An  
Subject: Doreen Speckman
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:30:27 -0400

I, too, saw the article by Doreen Speckman in Quiltmaker.  If you subscribe to
"American Quilter", put out by AQS, the very last page is dedicated to the
memory of Doreen Speckman.  It is a great article alongside a quilt that was
made showing Doreen doing the slide.  I wish I could see a blown-up version of
this quilt...it looks so interesting.  

I also wish I had taken a class with Doreen.  This was my goal for next Summer
at Vermont Quilt Festival after hearing her speak for a couple of hours.  She
had the whole room laughing so hard we were crying!  She was a great lady;
boy, shall I miss her inspiration and humor.

From: kathleen 
Subject: Santa Clara Quilt Show this weekend
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:23:02 -0700

Hi!  I noticed a couple of the posts were from central California
residents...  Just wanted to remind you of the Pacific International Quilt
Festival this weekend (no affiliation).  I will try to make it both friday
and early saturday if possible.  I will be wearing yellow yo-yos on my lapel
and hair so my on-line quilting friends can recognize me.

I love reading the Kaffee Klatsch - Thank you for your dedication to us,

From: Fltbshgirl 
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:13:01 EDT
Subject: Re: Kaffee-Klatsch for 10/22/1999

Dear Everyone,
In regards to scraps. I save all my scraps and put them in plastic baggies. I 
label them as to whose qwuilt they are from.... Then when I have lots of 
scraps I piece them and make a quilt whether for a baby, a doll or whatever. 
Some of my most successful quilts have been the result of scrap piecing. I 
love to just pull out a scrap and  incorporate it into the design. Some of 
the designs have no rhyme or reason but they sure are colorful. Bright colors 
are my thing. The first baby quilt I ever made, I wanted to match the 
stripes... How's that for compulsive. I soon got over that, and wouldn't now 
dream of doing that. I have a quilt that I started for Dh 65th brithday but 
had to put on hold because the young ones are multiplying like rabbits. After 
I finish Old Mac Donald for dgs Im going to finish dh quilt. It is all frog 
fabrics. He collects frogs and I thought that would be great gift. I live on 
the South Shore of LI if anyone knows of really great fabric shops let me 
know. Im also looking for hoffman fabrics and Kaufman fabrics on line.... 
Bright and vibrant and different... Have a great day and happy quilting...  
From: Loretta 
Subject: Catching up after being gone
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:40:52 -0400

It is SOOOO nice to have KK back.  DH & I have been camping in NC mountains for 10 days & then to Clemson SC for FSU football game.  We camped in a small town (Franklin) that has THREE really nice fabric shops for quilters & another great place was found about 45 miles away.  I designed & finished a special FSU vest at night using Seminole piecing & foundation piecing for letters.  We camped with friends (she is also a quilter) & we worked on an Eileen Sullivan pattern with daffodils using foundation piecing.  Nothing like putting your FW on a picnic table right by a river & sewing away!  After I get laundry done tomorrow, will begin on Xmas gift projects & hopefully get done before the last minute.  Loretta  
From: Barb 
Subject: Sewin & Quilting for Cancer Nov 11
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:36:15 -0400

ANYONE in the Las Vegas Area come out to Pahrump NV ( 63 miles NW of Vegas) we are having a sew & quilt in to make simple quilts for people with cancer.  Pahrump is a very rural & poor area  Yet quitters unite !  More  info. or to send those UFO & Unwanted items & fabric Jrj1@wizard.com  come and help if you can.  Thanks barb
From: Quilt97 
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 21:19:41 EDT
Subject: Labels?


I have been searching for the small labels to sew inside the neck of quilted 
sweatshirts.  Labels that say something along the line of "Made especially 
for you by . . . "; I cannot find them advertised in quilt magazines or in 
any stores.

Any ideas??


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 18:33:43 -0700
From: Lynda 
Subject: background quilting

Am finishing up a small wallhanging for our guild's Christmas Booth at a 
local Craft Fair.  It is off the net...paper pieced triangles which look 
like trees or one a Santa.  I outlined stitched (machined)all the pattern 
and around the borders, but it has puffed out the white background of the 
blocks.  I would like to do a grid there...here is the problem:  I used 
the clear monofiliament thread on top and green on the bottom, which 
blended well with the back.  However, the green thread shows up 
(dotted) when quilting on the white.  If I put white in the bobbin, it 
will stick out on the back.  Should I mess with the tension? TY
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:29:29 -0600
From: Pamela  
Subject: storage for stash

I agree with the transparant boxes for storing fabrics. Mine are a pale
blue and to make ident easy I bought clear diskette pockets from the office
supply store. That is, the kind meant to store 6 disketts to a page in a
three ring binder. I cut them apart and taped one to each box. Now its easy
to slip in a label or even change the label when I've added a new category.
Works for me.

Old Gardeners never die...
they just go to seed"!
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 21:36:58 -0500
From: George  
Subject: Bernina 930

Love my Bernina 930!
Rosemary at Bigsby's in Brookfield WI recently had one for sale.
GBood luck.

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