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Digest for Tuesday October 12, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Hi Everyone

Eric, Marty & I are taking an unexpected brief vacation.  We'll be back on Subday or Monday & I'll get out all the digests when we return.  Have a great weekend.

Sue T aka List Mom
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 06:56:02 -0400
From: joan  
Subject: Houston show

Dear Kaffee-Klatsch,

I love this site, too!  Its such fun reading about everyone's projects
and frustrations and helpful hints.  I got good information on finding
quilt shops in Cleveland a week ago and went to a shop called
Remembrances.  Lovely shop and ladies who run it!  (NO AFFILIATION)
Curtis Boehringer, quilt author of some very nice Santa booklet series'
works out of that shop, they do his samples for his covers.  I met him
the day I was there!  It was fun.   Oh well, on the Houston.  I got
permission from my two children, 11 and 16 (almost) yoa and BH to go to
Houston, but of course, as you all know, even if I could find a few
classes still open, THERE ARE NO ROOMS ANYWHERE!  So, I can get a flight
from Detroit but I'd have to sleep on a street corner, I guess.  I could
always take a quilt, huh?  Oh well, I should plan for next year as you
all say, make the reservations now.  I just finished a  wall hanging for
a wedding gift.  Feels good to have a finished pile, makes the UFO pile
look less ominous.  I liked that idea of donating UFOs to someone.  What
was that phone number or location again?  Bye for now, stitchin in
Michigan where we still have a few warm days during pumpkin time.   I
love the colors or orange and red during this time of year.  JoanS
From:  Linda 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 09:14:03 =0400
Subject: wholecloth quilting stencils

Hi there,

I am thinking of making a wholecloth quilt as an X-mas gift, and was 
wondering if anyone out here has one they'd like to sell? The prices 
for new ones are way too high for my budget right now........


Linda Roy
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 14:41:31 +0200
Subject: Quick Quarter
From:  Susanne 

Quick Quarter is made by Quilter's Rule and the retail price is $2.50 for the
8", $3.50 for the 12".

From: JQuilt 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 09:43:55 EDT
Subject: 1/4 inch 

mary ellen hopkins..really has the right attitude...sew every seam the same 
width and all of your blocks will fit together nicely... and all of  your 
pieced blocks will have the same measurement...if you have solid blocks in 
the same quilt they will have to be cut the same size as all of your pieced 
blocks...just find a seam width that you can sew consistently...and measure 
your pieced blocks after pressing them...
it's like hand quilting...try to sew all of the stitches the same length(what 
ever length that is).
it's really uniformity rather than measurement that counts...
From:  Lisa  
Subject: Quick Quarter
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:47:38 -0500

For the lady looking for the ruler that makes triangle/square piecing easy,
you can get one from Nancy Notions http://www.nancysnotions.com .

Hope this helps, and it does come in two lengths.

From: Barb
Subject: Next issue
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 07:47:41 -0400

We  have a date ! Nov 11th Pahrump Nevada,  Community Center located at 160 & Basin.  The first Quilt & Sew In for people with cancer.   I've been active for years with ABC, Project Linus and Victoria's Quilts.  NEEDED Your UFO, & Unwanted. I have little "stash" from my move here from New York (Movers damaged & lost a lot now in lawyers hands will take years) so if you can send any donation of your unwanted we will put the to use.  Tax deductible Barb  Thanks to everyone !
From: QltHMT 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:28:43 EDT
Subject: Re: Kaffee-Klatsch for 10/10/1999

Dear Linda Sue,

This came out of Quilters Newsletter Magazine. The author is Nancy Riddell.  
I used it on a baby quilt and the recipient loved it. It is:

It's Your Quilt
It's OK if you sit on your quilt.
It's OK if your bottle gets spilt.
If you swallow some air
And you burp, don't despair;
It's OK if you spit on your quilt.

There are scraps old and new on your quilt,
Put together for you on your quilt,
If your gums feel numb
'Cause your teeth haven't come,
It's OK if you chew on your quilt.

We expect you to lie on your quilt.
If you hurt, you may cry on your quilt.
On a cold, rainy night,
Don't you fret; you're all right;
You'll be snug, warm and dry on your quilt.

Nancy Riddell - author

Helen (Heirlooms by Helen) 
From: "ktraub" 
Subject: sewing machines and such
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 10:57:25 -0700

	I have a Singer Slantomatic #401J that I bought just after we got married
in 1959. It is the only machine I have at present, although I have been
coveting the new computerized ones. !!  I took this one in 15 years ago or
so for a tune-up, and the guy said not to part with it, so I guess I
listened. Just had anniversary party ( 40th) in March, and I displayed my
machine, along with the other pictures etc. I've had it as long as the DH,
and they  both work perfectly! Made alot of diapers, clothes, and quilts in
40 years.
	Further to the last posting I did, where I said I was making Magic Tile
quilts.... I found a site on the Net for you to look at them, and see the
pattern.` members.aol.com/crazyqltr/magtle.htm.'  they are not mine, but
those are the kind I've been doing.
Hope that helps those who emailed for info.
	Treva, in beautiful , where the colored leaves are
From: "ktraub" 
Subject: oops..info correction
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 14:38:38 -0700

	Treva here, with a correction on the magic tile address.  it is
crazyqltrl@aol.com    and belongs to Cindy Smith.  Whatever that other
address I gave you didn't work for me either. Sorry. It is worth a look at
her work.
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:36:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Beverly  
Subject: Programs for Mac's

QuiltPro has a Mac program...a demo can be downloaded
from the QuiltPro site, it works and is fun....I no
longer use the Mac but did download the demo and tried
it...good luck...b

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:52:13 -0700
From: Susan 
Subject: software

One who quilts this one is for you!  I have Quilt-pro and have had a real
hard time figuring it out!  I have a friend with EQ4 and sat down with hers
and was able to get started right away..The documentation seems better in
EQ4 as well.  Also if you compare the websites, I think EQ 4 is more
informative!  Where do you think I am headed with this?
Where are you from?  I am in
From: Quilt97 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:10:33 EDT
Subject: Re: Baby quilt sayings

 Quilts of the 1930's were discussed on yesterday's Simply Quilts program 
with  Alex Anderson.  The AQS appraiser said that many 1930's quilts had a 
 butterfly motif, the butterfly symbolising 'hope,'  as the thirties followed 
 the Depression.
 Here is a saying by Judy Grow:  
I was thinking warm thoughts 
  of you day after day,
 As stitch upon stitch in this
  quilt I was taking.
 And I hope that the pleasure 
  you find in it may
 Be as great as the pleasure
  I found in the making. 
 ...Judy Grow
 And this:
 It's Your Quilt 
 Nancy Riddell  
 It's OK if you sit on your quilt.
 It's OK if your bottle gets spilt.
 If you swallow some air
 and you burp, don't despair;
 It's OK if you spit on your quilt.
 There are scraps old and new on your quilt.
 Put together for you on your quilt.
 If your gums feel numb
 'Cause your teeth haven't come,
 it's OK if you chew on your quilt. 
 We expect you to lie on your quilt.
 If you hurt, you may cry on your quilt.
 On a cold rainy night,
 Don't you fret; you're all right.
 You'll be snug, warm and dry on your quilt.
 And this website has some poems and sayings:
 http://www.az.com/~karenm/tnt.htm       Tidbits and Trinkets 
From: "gropp " 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:30:17 -0400

Joann, so much advice!!!  Like the fact that a scant 1/4in. is what is
relly meant, had not heard that & that may be why my seams are sometimes a
struggle to line up and sometimes just don't!!!  Like the tape idea for
marking during hypnotising...LOL #2 will be good advice when she(name?)
remembers.  When it comes to names I suffer DNR(Did Not Remember)!!  The
advice they all gave has been good for me too-do not know which group I
fall into, well of course the I Love to Quilt!!!  Anyways I'm all for
Finishing Fast!!!  Perfection is not hand in hand but, if they are looking
that close they have missed the important part: the Color, Design, Glow,
Feel, Caring, and Pride you feel and show in each creation.  They also
probably would never attempt one & should just plain be in awe-how BAD
could it REALLY BE?  If they are not in absolute drewling awe-don't show
them the next one & NEVER GIVE THEM ONE!!!!!!!!  HAHA....Really!!!  Enjoy!!
 This from me who intends to make & give many!!!!  Thank you everyone for
the advice to Joann & me...Hey in a couple of years we will all be pros!!! 
 Val :>)  
From: Barbw 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 22:45:46 EDT
Subject: ideas

I love this site and all the great Ideas and encouragement that you all give. 
 Thot I'd pass one on that I read recently...put those little packets of 
silocone that come in vitamin bottles, that absorb moisture, into your pin 
containers. That way they won't rust.
Saw a Feather Weight at the Singer dealer for $150.00. Is that a good deal? I 
see so many of you love yours, thot maybe it was worth looking into.
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 22:47:54 -0400
Subject: hello
From: Erin  

I have been reading and enjoying for a long time but I think this is the
second time that I have posted.  I have been reading about the person
that had a bad experience with a quilt shop owner critiquing her quilt
and also a beginner quilter getting frustrated... here is what I have to
say on those topics... *grin*  Quilting is a labor of love... we do it
because we love fabric and quilting and piecing and just the whole
process... Someone who is going to criticize you because your piecing
isn't perfect just isn't worth your time or concern... someone who
understands the joy of quilting will look at your piece and see the
colors and patterns and love that you have poured into it and not notice
if your seams don't match up... the fact that they don't shows that you
are still learning and that you love what you are doing and that you
aren't doing this to be perfect or to put it on display but as an act of
love... be it a gift for a loved one or for yourself or just because you
love the process... enjoy what you do and keep doing it... *hug*

I took a workshop with Charlotte Angotti about 2 years ago and she was
one of the best teachers I have met because she had the metaility that it
was more important to make more quilts than to obsess over your seams
matching... she felt that there were so many ideas and fabrics to work
with that she just kept working through them and doing what she loved to
do and her work was incredible... she felt that it if you showcase fabric
you loved then no one is gonna look at the fact that your seams don't
match up exactly...  she mentioned a book  'it's ok if you sit on my
quilt'  by Mary Ellen Hopkins who has the same outlook ... this is a
great book because she shows somewhat simple blocks that let you make
more quilts and therefore have more fun...  

One of the most important things that I have learned since I have started
quilting is that you have to LOVE the fabric that you are working with...
if you start with beautiful fabrics you will end up with a beautiful
quilt but if you start with ho-hum fabric then that is what your quilt
will end up being... :) 

Oh, I am palnning to move to the baltimore are in the summer and was
wondering if there was anyone from that area and can you give me any info
on quilt shops, shows, guilds or any other info??  :) 

Well, I think that i have babbled on enough...

Erin in sunny suburban 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:50:02 -0700
From:  Donna 
Subject: kaffee-klatsch

Hello, I am interested in starting a round robin with some quilting
friends through the mail.
I would love to hear any suggestions, ideas or twists to make it fun.  I
have read a book from Patchwork Press on the subject, but would like
some personal comments and experiences.

I have been to Paducah several times, what I like about Paducah is the
small town feel, the entire town of Paducah opens to greet quilters.
The vendors are spread out in empty store fronts, the actual quilt show
can be crowded unless you hit it just right. We have extended our stay
from 2 days to 3 and still did not see it all, nor have time to take any
of the classes.  My sister in law and I stay in a host family home and
they are very gracious.  Downside of going to Paducah are the crowds at
the show, and if you aren't a walker is spread out. Paducah has a
trolley that runs, and free buses that take you to the hot spots, and
everything is well organized.  I would like to see longer evening hours
for the show the town of Paducah seems to roll up early than what we are
used to in the Pacific Northwest.


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