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Digest for Sunday October 10, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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From:  barb 
Subject: Sayings for baby quilt
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 18:30:01 -1000

Does anyone know of any nice sayings or short poems, or a web site with
suggestions of such,  for a baby quilt?  The quilt has a butterfly motif.
It is so great to have this group back!
From: Linda  
Subject: Newbie
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 01:37:25 -0400

Well I have been reading and can bond with many of you I have several sewing machines and two sergers.  I have a new fangle dangle embrodiery machine  New 9000 and I do like it.  But my old Pfaff 1471 is still a keeper.  I have been begging my Aunt to give me her FW she has had it since she was a little girl and it is in its original case too!  I just have to keep working on her.  I just hate to see it go to waste.  When I visited her I sewed on it, tuned it up myself it was great.  Wish me luck!
Linda Sue 
From: "ZEKER"  
Subject: tips
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 02:32:36 -0400

I had gotten another tip from another quilt group that sounds like a pretty good solution.  When I cut with my rulers and squares, I had put on the sand paper circles to keep them in place.  I sometimes had them come off or I could not see where my fabric was if it ended up on one of the lines I needed.  Anyway, she takes her rulers and uses clear fingernail polish on it.  While it is wet, she puts salt on!  Same principle with the grip, but now you can see through it all!  Haven't tried it yet though.  Right now I am going through quilt withdrawl.  We are getting ready to move and I have everything packed and ready, just waiting for them to put in electric, gas, and water.  Everything seems to take forever when it comes to putting utilities into a new home.  All 
of this chaos hasn't  stopped me from buying more fabric though since I still have more room in my bins! LOL   Wanda  
From: LIN 
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 02:47:33 EDT
Subject: Re: Kaffee-Klatsch for 10/6/1999 - Improving cutting

Be kind to yourself! Also, two things to try -- first, spray starch! This 
stuff is like magic, making the fabric behave much better, especially those 
pesky triangles with their bias edges! Second, if you're rotary cutting, 
check out the book put out by Omnigrid (the ones who make rulers) for 
detailed instructions. Rotary cutting is easy once mastered, but there are a 
few little details that can make you crazy if you haven't been told or shown. 
There are other books out there about rotary cutting, but I like the 
explanations and pictures in this one. Good luck!
From: LIN 
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 02:53:50 EDT
Subject: Re: Kaffee-Klatsch for 10/6/1999

>  We are trying to find a supplier for the 1/4" marker...the one used to 
>  triangles in the square patch...it is yellow and comes in 2 
>  find them any where...and our UFO group really needs them.Thanks Barbara
>  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Do you mean a "Quick Quarter"? I dug mine out, but it has no contact address. 
Try Pinetree Quilts online, or maybe your local shop could get it from 
Quilter's Resource.
From: LIN 
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 03:29:54 EDT
Subject: Re: Kaffee-Klatsch for 10/7/1999

I'm making the Jack o' Lantern quilt too! I really love how it's turning out! 

Joanna -- I wrote earlier about cutting, because that's where you mentioned 
having trouble. But my all time favorite hint is this: When someone says 1/4 
inch, what they usually mean is "a SCANT 1/4 inch!" I didn't find this out 
until I had been quilting nearly two years. It doesn't sound like a big 
difference, but multiplied seam by seam across a block, it can really add up. 
Mostly, this will make a difference when fitting different blocks together, 
or exchanging blocks. A scant 1/4" is about two threads less than a true 1/4 
inch. I would also like to share the fact that my first quilting teacher 
shook her head sadly at me and told me not to worry, that some people were 
just not destined to be quilters! Thank goodness I didn't give up because of 
this! I've spent many happy hours quilting, and have gone on to teach others! 
Please don't become discouraged. If some of the women whose quilts hang in 
museums today had given up, we would all have missed so much!
From:  Susan 
Subject: less than perfect?
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 00:14:28 -0700

    I was SHOCKED to hear that a quilt store owner would criticize your quilt!  I tell all my students that anyone who looks too closely at your stitching should not be allowed to look again.  Each quilt we make is made with love, either love of the fabric and process, or love of the person receiving the quilt.  That is really all that counts.  Perfect quilts are BORING!  Pull that baby out, finish it and let your family love it for what it is - a perfect expression of you
    I do and teach a lot of applique, mainly because applique doesn't have to be perfect.  If you make a mistake you just applique something else over it, or around it.  I tell everyone that my California Lighthouse quilt is from California after all.  If a building is crooked it is because of the earthquakes!
    Enjoy your mistakes - they make the best quilts.
    BTW some of you asked about the lighthouses.  I actually have a photo of the quilt in the computer now that I can email to you if you want to see it.  Just let me know.
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 06:48:43 -0500
From:  Theresa  
Subject: Houston

Hi KK people
I went to Houston for my first time last year and If you could picture 1000
quilts under one roof plus many vendors. I was amazed you won't see
everything you want to see, but that is why you have to go back every year
to see if you can. I have 3 friends that I go with and we have a blast. I
have never been to Paudcha but heard you are in and out of shops more there
where this is under one roof. I have many projects going and hope to get
them finished some time before I start a new one but I can't see that
happening.  Who ever goes to Houston have a great trip. I know I will.
From: "mpkemk" 
Subject: It's been a long 2 weeks
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:44:56 -1200

Hi to everyone on the list. I'm just now getting to read postings from the last week in Sept thru today. My car went bad and then the furnace decided to die. All is taken care of now. got a new car, and a new ignitor for the furnace.
I've been basting my Thimbleberries block of the month sampler. That part is done, now let the quilting begin! Only problem is-I have a stencil for the "log cabin" borders of each block, but I look at the blocks and go completely blank.  Can anyone help? It's the quilt that has a different block for each month, but it is not called the Thimbleberries Sampler-that's a different quilt.
To the frustrated quilter with the blocks and triangles that are not perfect, time helps. Each and every quilt you make will get better. Also, if there is someone in your area that offers classes, give it a shot. I did and it made all the difference. I'm still going to her classes, even if all I work on are my social skills. Just being around other quilters is therapy.  I am going to work on some patchwork projects till I get over my applique block.Thank you to all who gave me words of wisdom, I will remember them and learn from them.
To the quilter asking about John Flynn's quilting frame-I went to the Quilters Heritage show last april in Lancaster. Mr Flynn himself was there demonstating his frame. I gave it a try. You are sitting with your machine perpendicular to you with the needle end right in front of you. Then you are moving the frame with the material as needed. The machine there was a Bernina, I think. I have a home ec class Singer reject, so it would not work on mine. But I felt very comfortable with the frame.
To the person who knows the man who can "make" a long arm machine, please mail me privately with some info. I have been percolating the idea of quilting for others. I have even contacted a lot of the companies. I just can't afford one of the big machines.
Well, I have to help DH prime and paint the front porch. It's raining here, Oh joy.
From: "walters" 
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 09:26:01 -0400

I agree you can't be to hard on yourself when quilting.  I've been quilting for about 4 years and I just now figured out how to make my corners on my binding mitered.  I am so proud.  I am doing better at triangles, but still have problems.  Swapping on the net has helped because, I tend to take more time and measure more carefully.  I'm still having trouble with 1/4 inch seams.  I don't want the process to be two stressful.  I quilt for fun. Di
From:  Susan 
Subject: featherweights
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:19:46 -0700

    What kind of a featherweight is it?  If it is an old singer I have never heard of them having plastic cams.  They are all metal and would not have been made with plastic anything.  If it is an old singer, I would call around to find out what repair shops in your area will work on them and then talk to friends about which shop they have been to and can recommend.  Most good repairmen can work on any machine.  My featherweight runs so well that it does not stop when you take your foot off the gas.  I have learned to adjust and just lift my foot before I finish a seam.  If your foot is sticking you might want to try that until you can get a good repairman.
From: "Peggy  
Subject: Cutting & Sewing
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 11:04:37 -0500

I have noted several posts about blocks not fitting etc.  Guess I will add
my 2 cents.

If you mark your blocks with pencil and cut them out - remember it is going
to make  a difference which side of the pencil line you cut on.  Also - when
you sew and you are sewing what you "think" is 1/4 in.  Is it really.
Actually you want to sew slightly less than 1/4 in.

Try this test - cut three pieces of material 2 1/2 by 6.  Sew together with
your 1/4 in seam.  Press.  Measure.  You should have a piece 6 in. square.
If you don't - try again.  On my machines with my 1/4 in foot - I find I
have to sew with the edge of the fabric just a hair inside of the edge of
the foot.

Also - the idea to use the board lines to measure - I would not agree with
that.  Many cutting boards are not printed accurately.  Take your large
square ruler and lay it over the lines on your cutting board.  You may be
surprised to find that 1 in is not 1 is all over your board.  I have one
board that is way off - so I turned it over and use the plain side.
Remember you can use the plain side of the Olfa and Omni mats - you paid
just as much for that side as you did for the printed side.

Also - pins make a difference - the finer the better.

All in all - things do get better -

Just my 2 cents worth.

From: "Diana  
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 12:07:24 -0500

JoAnna--please don't dispair.Perfect quilts may be something to aspire to but give me a quilt made with love anyday. When I sew I always think--now, wouldMiss Abbie like this quilt...my favorite nursing home resident who made gorgeous quilts but rarely did a seam match and if you checked out the fabrics you'd say those don't go.When I want perfect I foundation piece...if you really feel your blocks should be just so this is the way to go. We may be alot alike as I tend to be a perfectionist in all I do and if it doesn't turn out I don't want to finish it...so now some of my "brainstorms" are lap robes at the nursing home and their owners like them just fine. Just keep enjoying your sewing...isn't that shy we quilt? Diana
From: "Madi  
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 00:46:50 -0700

Also new at this , enjoying it very much,reading it every morning, I'm already learning a few things,am new at quilting... well almost, 5 years, a lot to know yet,.. new at this computer, a lot more to learn there too,,  so much to do so little time.... am not so sure about the spelling of english, I think i have an accent there too..
will look forward to learn more as the time goes by.madi.
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 19:10:01 -0500
From: william  
Subject: featherweights

To Kim.   I don't know where you live, but here in   we have
JoAnne stores (used to be Clothworld) and on Wednesday afternoons a man
comes who does nothing but work on sewing machines.  Maybe you have a place
like that near ( or maybe not so near) where machines are sold or a fabric
store that has that service, or someone there might be able to help.  I
have an old featherweight that I bought in 1950.  It's never missed a lick
. . . have taken it in for cleaning and oiling occasionally. It has no
plastic parts.  I do all my piecing on it and then hand quilt  . . .  I
know that's slow but I enjoy doing the quilting by hand.  I'm not in a big
hurry!  It's too hot here in south   to get in a hurry! Peggy B.
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:45:28 -0700
From: JoAnna  
Subject: Hi Again

I'm not sure if my last message got on board or not, so I'm trying it
again. I received an error message in the mail so I'm just not sure.
Thanks for all the advice and encouragement!! I really needed to hear
it. I sent a letter earlier telling you guys what I learned from your
email. Here it is again (forgive the paraphrase)

   1. Relax-this is supposed to be fun.
    2. Find a quilt buddy, group, or mentor to keep me accountable.
    3. Relax-This is SUPPOSED to be Fun!
    4. Take a step back and start on some more basic blocks (i.e.
nine-squares for instance)

    So, do you think I'm getting it??? (BIG smile)
  Thanks again.
From: Barb 
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 20:54:00 EDT
Subject: new quilters

I am a fairly new quilter and can relate to your frustration, Joanna. Please 
don't give up. I have been hand quilting for 2 yrs and have finally signed up 
for a stitchers class to help me. It's not meant to be a frustration, but a 
blessing and a fun thing to do.  I think Amy from TN had a  very unfortunate 
experience with the person at the quilt shop. I think you have it right... 
you would have a great time finishing the quilt you took in there. I'm sure 
you did a great job on your quilt and would have a great time finishing it. 
Please take it out and finish it. 
Don't let others' opinions affect the beauty of what you do and the love you 
put into it.
From: "Debbie  
Subject: Betty Ann transplanted?
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 23:02:58 -0400

Just a lurker and wondered where in rural Ohio Betty Ann landed after DH transfer?  I'm in   now but am familiar with  .  You can e-mail me directly if interested in chatting.

Debbie (another transplanted spouse)

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