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Digest for Friday October 1, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 21:59:34 -0400
From: Stephanie 
Subject: Artist's Way

Several people have asked me about "The Artist's Way" so I thought I'd
post for the group. I first heard of this book a couple of months ago on
NPR. Singer Kathy Mattea was asked what she did when she had a writer's
block while songwriting, and she said she used this book with great
success. Then a bunch ! of people called into the program to say how
much the book had helped them, and they were all sorts of people, not
just musicians or writers. So I went out and found it at the bookstore.
Apparently it's pretty popular; you should be able to find it anywhere.
The author is Julia Cameron.

Anyway, the book leads you through a 12-week program for becoming more
creative -- or rather, unleashing the creativity you already have. I'm
only on week 3 but it takes me more than one real week to finish a
chapter/week because I'm so busy. I like it a lot so far and it's really
helped me in my writing as well as other areas of my life. A couple of
my friends are doing this too. My friend Gilah used to be the director
of the Antioch Writer's Workshop, and she said that a whole lot of
people who come to that are devotees of the book.

That's really all I can tell you. If you're interested, maybe look for
it at your local library and if you like what you see, go get the book.
It's $15.95 cover price, so that's not bad. I have no affiliation, but I
really like what it's doing for me. And that includes quilting!

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:35:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Kaffee Klatsch"  
Subject: Re: walking foot/t-shirt quilt

Thanks to Sue & Eric for bringing back the KK..enjoy it immensely.
I think a walking foot is important to do the straight line quilting on a
quilt.  I could not be w/out it. I use it to secure all of the layers along
the straight lines and then go back and do stippling or whatever design I have
in mind in the individual blocks.  I noticed in the new Keepsake catalog that
their walking feet are under $20.00 (but do not fit Viking or Berninas).
Beyond quilting, I use mine for seaming bulky or slippery fabrics like polar
fleece, corduroy,silkies or when I want to keep stripes/miters matched at the
seams. Keepsake has a web site, type in Keepsake Quilting and I have seen
walking feet in other notion catalogs like Nancy's and Clotilde.
T-shirts can be stabilized w/ iron on interfacing, not too heavy and then cut
out and treated like other fabrics used in piecing.
Go to 'Kansas City Star Patterns' for all of those old patterns.
Thanks for all the good tips found here. Steph.
From: Janie 
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 09:08:12 EDT
Subject: Glad to be back

I am so happy to see the list back!!! I just wanted to say hi to everyone and 
that I too was pleasantly surprised to see it in my mailbox. It seems bigger 
than before. Welcome back to everyone and thanks to you Sue!!!!

Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 08:21:36 -0500
From: trekkyquilter
Subject: Beggining Quilter

Dear Sparky,  I have been quilting for 15 yrs.  I started out machine
quilting but gradually found that I likehand piecing/quilting the best.
Hand quilting is slower(for some people, not meBG) but  it is portable
and less expensive.  I suggest you go to the library and look for a book
you like and can understand.  All directions are not created equal.  I
also teach hand quilting at a local fabric store.  On my list of
supplies I recomend a product called  "Tiger Tape".  This is paper tape
1/4" wide with black marks on it to show you how long a stich should
be.  It comes in  9stich/" and 12 stich/".  I also use this tape to
teach hand piecing.  This tape is not "essential"  but I wish it had
been around when I was teaching myself to quilt.  If I can help in any
other way  e-mail me    trekkyquilter
From: "gropp  
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 09:59:22 -0400

Two days ago I received a phone call that I had won a FREE class for a
Mystery Wallhanging!!!  I'm so excited & have not told anyone who returned
the proper excitement over my good fortune...I knew you all would GET IT! 
And for the person who cannot get motivated-I feel the THRILL!!!  Can't
wait!!!  SMILING LOTS!  Tuesday I will be at my class and my toddlers at
the babysitter, for 4hrs of sewing and quilting without a single whiny
voiced MOM!!  Like I am hearing now!!!  EEK!!!
From:   Susan 
Subject: Quilt shops in Australia?
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 07:10:38 -0700

Hey Judy,
    My kids are playing for the Olympic opening ceremonies in Australia in 2000.  (Yes part of the group that was uninvited and then invited again.)  We will be staying in Sydney and Bathurst,  we parents may have some free time.  Can you recommend any quilt shops in the area for me to visit?
    I just created a pattern of the Sydney Opera House.  Our band director's wife brought me back a photo.  Great fun to stitch!
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 11:32:59 +0100
From: Jim  
Subject: Quilt chatting

I used to chat frequently on Fabric Stash and had many quilting
friends.  They changed the format and now I can't get in.  Are there any
other ROLOTN chatters with the same problem or can help me.
From:  Susan 
Subject: Lighthouse patterns
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 07:14:35 -0700

Hi Barb,
    I have created a series of patterns of California Lighthouses.  There are 12 Lighthouses around the clipper ship the Star of India.  The patterns sell for $7.00 + shipping.  If you are interested I will see if I can get a photo into the computer and send it to you.  May need husbandly help on that one, so it might take a day or two.
From: "John   
Subject: This and That
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 11:53:46 -0700

HI,  I have been lurking sense KK came back.  My machine is a New Home 750 and about $20.00 extra for the walking foot but a have a hard time in keeping the 1/4 seam allowance when i putting the binding on.  I also purchased a 1/4 foot which I love from New Home   I live in Boiling Spring Lakes near Southport and Oak Island and haven't been to my quilting Guild sense Floyd.  Our Guild is in Oak Island Rec. Center and has been closed to the public Due to Floyd. Here in our nieghborhood there is lots of flooding and washout roads and my house is ok.  My heart go out to all that are suffering.
From: "jenny  
Subject: JoAnn' web site - siggy swap
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 12:31:43 PDT

Hi everyone,
Thanks you so much to everyone that answered my question about JoAnn's 
website both on the list and privately.  Will be visiting it after reading 
through my mail.

To Pat   and Linda  ,
I was interested to see that you were in a signature swap.  I have recently 
taken part in one myself and have some really fabulous signature squares 
(5"), I would like to do something different with them and would love to 
share ideas with you if you don't mind.  Most people I swapped with will be 
using the friendship star with the siggy in the centre, I was thinking of 
doing an attic window but using a different fabric per siggy (the fabric 
would match a colour used in the siggy square - just a thought - what do you 
think?  I am going to try and "design" it on the QuiltPro2 which I have, I 
am still new at all this computer design stuff and need a lot of practice 
still - just lacking the time.
From: "Evelyn 
Subject: Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 15:47:20 -0400

Hello to all from Beautiful  :  I have been quilting for over 12
years.  I need some "input" on making  a Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I have
just started to piece my first wedding ring, it took a few sample blocks to
figure out the pattern, and to get them to lay flat.  I am over that
    Now, do any of you quilters know if there are any patterns for this
quilt, that have blocks designed to fill in the curved edges--so that a
border could be added.  Instead of binding around the edge of the quilt.
    I have a WRQ that my mother made in the 1930's, I keep looking at,  it
trying to come up
with a solution.  Is there one????
    I look forward to all of the KK Newsletters.  Thanks!!!   Evelyn
From:   Ann  
Subject: Quilting Software
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 12:09:20 -0600

Hi:  This is my very first time on the KK.  I have been playing at quilting for about 5 years.  Do it all alone.  Went to the quilt guild twice but never seem to make it back.  You have all been talking about quilting software but no one has mentioned Quiltsoft, which is the one I purchased.  The tutorial was very good but the other parts are really complicated.  Any suggestions?  Thanks  Ann
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 15:38:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rene  
Subject: reduction glass

TGIF! was at quilting last night and a little gal that
was working on a watercolor quilt and having troubles
found that a door peephole (about $4 at hardware
store) works as good as those other expensive quilting
reduction glasses - so thought I would share the news.

enjoy, happy quilting
Rene' in (machine quilting quickly before the
purple pen finishes)

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