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Digest for Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 20:25:56 -0700
From: Lynda 
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Kaffee-Klatsch for 9/25/99]

Hi Stephanie,
 I want to do
> something special for the older child, but would a kid that age like a
> quilt -- or maybe a quillow? and if so, what are little boys into these
> days? Are dinosaurs or race cars always a good bet? 
>I made my nephews ages 4-6, quillows using the fabric that is town roads. 

 I used race car fabric for the pocket and then just quilted along the 
roads so it was like a playmat as well as a quilt.  They loved them.
For older nephew, I used sports materials and made larger quillows. One 
of these I just tied...I think it was one made of a flannel or fleece 
like material.  Have also made my granddaughter a quillow of fleece 
fabric backed to cotton with horse designs...her interest.  That is what 
is so nice about the quillows...they can be so personalized.  Have fun 
with it.
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 00:03:57 -0400
From: Jean  
Subject: inspiration

To Carol     I have the opposite problem------I always have so
many projects that I want to do that I have a time getting un-inspired
about sewing.
Almost everywhere I go I have some take along project to work on.  Guess
I've always been this way.   I agree that Quilt shows are great to
inspire you and get your wheels running!!!!   Jean 
From: "Richard  
Subject: Fw: Desert Storm Quilt
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 21:59:23 -0700

Don't mean to be a wet blanket (opps quilt) but,
Have you asked you boys if they want a quilt commemorating the ship and
. My husband was on  a Helo and harrier jet carrier " The  USS TARAWA" with
a company of marines..and surgical team and thousands of body bags. left
unused.(thank God)
       Their company of 2,000 Marines hit the beach and were in Kuwait
city... they sat in the smoke of the burning oil fields till too many were
getting sick and pulled back... then back in to pick up the Marines and the
stuff they collected as war memorabilia.   Maps, mines, hand granades,
rifles,sand etc...    His comments to me were he has all the memories he
wants of Desert Storm.....one kid actually called his mother from a pay
phone on a corner in Kat City.  But the ship plaques and medals are on
display as well as crest or plaques from other duty sites after 20 years..
Did you know that in the Navy you couldn't put  awards or medals or duty
served in desert storm on you documents for advancement.. because the war
was over so fast that the not everyone got to participate???  Is that a
or what..
    I don't think there is anything worse than working on something as
intricate as a quilt and have some one say they would rather have had a

From: BobbaBugs 
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 02:19:21 EDT
Subject: Subscribe

Hi to all
I have been visiting the quilt page ever since I got cyber smart(finally) 3 
mons. ago. I've posted a few times on the BB but thought it would be fun to 
get some "net" friends. I read todays archives and wanted to tell Barbara 
that she's not the only lone wolf quilter out there; I've been quilting off 
and on for about 20 years but only got serious in the last three. I keep 
thinking I'll join the local quilt group but work, remodeling (for a soon to 
be under construction quilt studio), and of course quilting always seem to 
derail good intentions. I guess it just goes with the name: mine's Barbara, 
too...but I go by Bobbi. I'm currently working on a whole cloth Hawaiian 
print baby quilt for my newest GD and a king-size split rail for her parents. 
No such thing as over kill in quilting. So thats my story, its late and I'm 
out of here so I can pop up on my day off tomorrow and paint the living room. 
Quilters really are a bit "touched". I'm not sure how all this kaffee Katsch 
thing works? 
Nite for now
From:  Sally
Subject: Choosing a new machine
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 09:13:07 +0100

Here's something to think about when buying a new machine.

If you are going for an electronic model, no-one will tell you that there is a risk that the computer aided innards on your machine will emit a high pitched sound akin to a mosquito.  Now, if you sew with the radio on or the sound of life around you this will not be a problem, but my sewing is my meditation and I do it in silence.  My expensive new machine drives me crazy and I can only use it for short periods.  It is a great machine, I love all it can do, but I wish I had never bought it.

Yes, I have explored this with my dealer and (after I insisted) it has been back to the main company here in the UK for a bench test. Their answer is that all their machines will do this and the brand new stock model they compared it with was even noisier !. 

I copied all correspondence to the Japanese parent  company four weeks ago but have received no reply.

I had better not name the machine here publicly in case I get sued, but I expect most of you can make an educated guess!

From: "walters" 
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 06:40:40 -0400

I have a Viking but have not bought the walking foot.  It cost around $90 and I just haven't been able to spend the money.  Can you really tell the difference when quilting. Di
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 07:22:09 -0400
From: Terry 
Subject: Acrylic Templates

Shar Jogenson has a web site at:


I've heard that John Flynn also specializes in wedding ring quilts but
don't know for sure.  So glad that Kaffee-Klatsch is back!

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:04:13 -0400
From: Barb  
Subject: New Jersey Quilt Show - Oct 9 & 10

Hi All -

You are invited to a quilt show in Northern New Jersey --

Brownstone Quilters Guild, Inc presents
"Quilts - Our Legacy" -- a judged quilt show

Saturday, October 9, 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday, October 10, 10 am to 4 pm

Guardian Angel Auditorium
(corner of E. Allendale Ave and Franklin Turnpike)
Allendale, NJ   07401

Speaker - Saturday at 1:30 pm
Barbara Garrett -- "With A Mother's Love "
An Historical Overview of Quiltmaking 1780 to 1940
Featuring 60 doll quilts designed and made by Barbara

2 raffles -- Baltimore Album Quilt
             -- large basket of fabric
Vendors - Boutique - On Site Parking - Lunch room

Donation $5 per day 
From:  Lisa 
Subject: Walking Foot
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:32:35 -0500

Karen  , I only use my sewing machine for quilt related purposes,
and I never take my walking foot off, unless I need to do some machine
applique.  My mother does not quilt, but uses her walking foot for everyday
sewing and would not be without one.

From:  Karen  
Subject: quilting computer program
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 09:01:06 -0500

Do you mean for designing? Like Electric Quilt or something like that?
I have EQ3 and 4, and I am not *real* computer sauvy, but I find it a
little hard to navigate in it.  It does have excercises to help you go
through it and I was feeling pretty comfortable with the EQ3 when EQ4
came out, and I feel like I am back to square one.   It does however
have very nice selection of prints from the manufacuters like Moda,
Benartex, Hoffman etc etc.
Also in all fairness,  I have to tell you that I hate spending time at
the computer to learn the program.  I have 2 puppies, 3 kids, a house
yard, pool, and quilting that require my time.
It is really nice for picking a block and modifing it to fit your needs,
like if you have to make a 6 1/2 in block and you have  a pattern in a
book for an 8"  I hate taking the time to size it down, and this works
so much faster than I can.
I have often wondered though, if the other programs are any easier to
navigate through.
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 09:48:23 EDT
Subject: Singer Sewing Machine-Model 6255

Hi KKers !
Anyone out there with this model machine?
I was given this machine w/ 1 bobbin and that's it.
Would love a copy of the manual or comments about it.
I collect the Featherweights and the old Elnas but know nothing about this 
Thanks & hugs!
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 09:45:12 EDT
Subject: Miniature  quilt -tiny vests

Any of you still have this pattern  that you'd like to sell 
or know where I can get it?
From:  virginia  
Subject: Re: Speckmann book
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 20:35:00 -0600

Does anyone have a copy of Doreen Speckmann's book "Pattern Play" that they would want to sell? Is so, please e-mail me off list. Thank you. Virginia
From:  Susan  
Subject: machines
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:03:47 -0700

I have not posted to you before, I hope I am doing it correctly-Really like
the list Thankyou!  I also have a Janome 9000. I like it real well-except
that if I had it to do all over again I would check a Pfaff or Husq... only
because they seem to have more software designs available to them.  Other
than that I love the machine.  I also have a Kenmore electronic one do not
know model #-it does not do embroidery-anyway I tis a Janome.  It is the
exact same machine and I love it the only reasone I bought a new one is I
quilt at least 5 hours a day and was told that I was wearing out my kenmore
cause it has plastic part.
From:  Susan  
Subject: spin ruler
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:09:44 -0700

Have not heard about this ruler, however, have you done a stak n whack yet?
It sounds similar and is a piece of cake!
From: JQuilt 
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:22:05 EDT
Subject: quilt size

i usually make  crib/cot quilts 36x48 inches...
                 twin bed/couch quilts  56x 64 inches....
From:  Susan  
Subject: quilting software
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:05:05 -0700

Wow-from never positing before to twice in a day!  I have Quilt-pro and
cannot figure out how to use it and do not seem to be able to get anyone to
give lessons!
From: "Richard  
Subject: Viking
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:55:57 -0700

I have 2 Vikings.. or rather one now DD has acquired one and won't give it
back.. and I don't blame her...... after 36 years it is still as good as
new, except case has yellowed with age...I did get a walking foot for it..
the Sales person insisted that I get a particular foot as it was less then
half the price... well it through the timing chain off and for the 100  it
coast me to get it repaired I could have bought a Viking part to start
Love the Phafff with the walking foot built in.
From:  Laurie 
Subject: Viking Walking foot
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 09:45:31 PDT

Hello Ladies - I certainly enjoy reading all your comments on the questions 
that are posed with this digest.  I just read the question about the Viking 
walking foot.  I  have  had a Viking for about 12 years or so.  It was 
suggested that I purchase a walking foot for quilting purposes but nothing 
was said to me about it for piecing.  I eventually did buy the EXPENSIVE and 
clunky foot.  It ran about $80.00 I think at the time.  I really didn't 
notice much of a difference either way.  While quilting with it, something 
came loose and broke or unscrewed and the needle broke and I had to 
disassembled the whole thing.  It was bent.  A few days later I found this 
tiny tiny spring, like the kind you might find in a watch, laying on the 
sewing table under some junk and I just flung it over my shoulder.  Why I 
did this I will never know.  That little spring cost me $80.00.  I took the 
unit into be repaired  and they said they were unrepairable and if maybe I 
had that little spring back they could at least try to fix it in the shop.  
No parts were available to fix these walking feet.  On top of that I really 
didn't notice much of a difference in sewing with one either.  Ha! Hope this 
helps, Laurie
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 13:27:18 -0400
Subject: Practicing Stippling
From:  Judith 

I've been reading the messages about stippling and I thought I'd pass along
the way I learned to handle this technique.   Take the thread out of your
machine (needle and bobbin both).  Drop the feed dogs, put a darning foot in
place and get two or three blank pieces of typing paper.   Lower the presser
foot and start stitching on the typing paper, moving your hands to move the
paper under the needle.  (I love quilter's gloves, 100% cotton gloves with
little rubbery dots on the palms and bottom surfaces of the fingers, for
then you don't have to "grab" the paper or quilt sandwich, just rest your
hands on it.)  Practice stippling by stitching a capital "S" shape and then
another capital S and then another.  You can elongate the S shapes, you can
scrunch them up, you can make them go in any direction, you can make them
large and "swoopy" (classified as meander quilting) or tight and cramped
(stippling).   After you have stitched away on a couple of pieces of typing
paper (and made a lovely perforated bunch of lines) you can add thread and a
small sandwich of fabrics and batting and try the "real thing".   But
practicing on blank sheets of paper is an easy way to get the idea of how to
move your shoulders, how to breathe and how to move your hands.  Breathing
is important .. I used to catch myself holding my breath.  Now I hum as I
make my machine hum ...

From: K4 
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 14:22:22 EDT
Subject: Useing t-shirts to make a quilt???

I am going to make a quilt using t-shirts from my sons wrestling tournaments. 
 I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the best way to cut the 
shirts or edge them or is it possible to fuze something to the back of the 
t-shirt to make it more stable.  I will be using cotton fabric for the body 
of the quilt and insert the t-shirt squares as blocks.  Any suggestions would 
be appreciated.
Thank you
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 15:39:39 -0400
From: Stephanie  
Subject: Thanks

Thanks, everyone, for the great ideas about the little boy's quilt. I'm
a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities, but it's always good to have
so many brilliant suggestions! You guys are so creative, thanks!

To the lady who asked if anyone ever finishes their projects ... I am
the UFO queen, I think, but lately as part of working through the book,
"The Artist's Way", I have begun to reflect on some daily affirmations,
and one of them that I wrote for myself is, "I finish what I start."
Well, so far I haven't made good on that, but just thinking positively
about those looming piles of UFOs is much better and puts me in a better
mood than thinking, "Oh, I never finish anything!" or "I'll never finish
all this stuff!"

BTW, I highly recommend "The Artist's Way" for anyone who wants to
become more creative. I thought it was kind of hokey at first, but I've
seen real changes in my life.

in , where the harvest is underway, the trees are turning, and it
was 85 yesterday! Glorious!
From:  jenny 
Subject: JoAnn Fabric
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 12:46:50 PDT

I am looking for the web site on JoAnn Fabric.  Could someone please let me 
know privately or on the list.  Thank you vm.
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:22:27 -0400
From:  Gary  
Subject: Tuesday

This is my second attempt to post to the chat board, the first one
didn't make it, must have used the wrong address.

I did find the KC pattern location today and bookmarked it at work!
Darn.  Try scrolling under paper piecing.  That's how I found a Website
that had those available.  Wish I could order the whole set.  I collect
block patterns.  I love blocks.

My favorite quilts to make are sampler quilts and I have enjoyed the two
Sampler Quilt magazines that have come out with good alternative ideas
for setting blocks.  I have piles of coordinating blocks waiting to be

I make "cuddle quilts" and baby quilts out of 45" x 60" tops.  Mainly
because there is batting already available in that size.  I teach a
beginners class and twelve 12.5 inch blocks, surrounded by 2" lattice
and 2" corner stones comes out perfectly for the batting and the
beginners don't have to worry about cutting down batting.  My guild
donates "cuddle quilts" to the local battered women's shelter so all
children passing through can have one of their own.  And, we used that
size too. 

I just bought an Elna Quilters dream for myself for my 40th b'day last
year (it's almost 1 year old) and I love it.  I shopped all the major
brands and for the price it does all that I want it to.  Not one minute
of problem, until I mixed poly/cotton and cotton thread and had a
breakage problem.  Through the BB I discovered it wasn't the machine,
just my thread mixing.

My home is full of family heirlooms which will all go to my children. 
Both grandmothers gave up housekeeping when we were newlyweds and we got
a lot from both households.  We seemed to be at the time, the only
sentimental ones.  We are the only family members on both sides to
appreciate quilts so I got all the quilts that were around.  Including a
matching set of twins that my husband's grandmother's (who will be 101
in Nov) grandmother made!  I am very proud of those and have them folded
on a shelf for display, not hanging or on a bed.  Two sons - a quilt for

My sons take great pride in my quilts, 13 and 15 year olds.  They know
the names of most of the blocks and I hope will appreciate what I will
leave behind. I do belong to a guild but most of my sewing is me
motivated not guild as we don't do much but meet once a month, have
refreshements and plan a yearly quilt show and a couple of retreats. 
Low pressure.

I've rambled enough for the first chat.  I'll be anxious to see if it
makes it on!

From:  anglique  
Subject: can anyone identify?
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 17:44:06 CDT

Hi. This is my first posting to KK and I hope to hear from any Houston area 
quilters out there on the net.  I recently started my first applique of 80 
hearts.( a pretty big project for my 1st time) I've done approximately 40 
hearts and I think that I am going to go cazy! If I have to see freezer 
paper ever again, I'll probably wrap those hearts and freeze them until 
christmas.  The only thing keeping me sane is that I do  a small Halloween 
quilt on my luch hour at work, and I crochet in the mornings. That way I 
don't feel as though I'm devoting all of my time soley to applique, and I 
can relax while getting other projects done.  I hope that this was of some 
help to you.  Sincerely 
From: anglique 
Subject: dog patterns
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 17:46:37 CDT

Hi. This is anglique  I wanted you to know that Keepsake Quilting 
has a catalog that has a fewdog patterns .  I wish I had the phone number 
with me, but I know that the number can be found in the back of most 
quilting mags.  If you can't find it, post me a note:)

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