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Digest for Sunday, September 26, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Subject: graph paper site
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 06:33:55 -0400

Does anyone have the address of the graphexe site, the program for printing graph paper?  I downloaded it a few months ago but my computer crashed, I lost the program and my backup disk won't work.  Don't you just love/hate computers?
Thanks for your help.
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 10:59:04 -0400
From: nancy  
Subject: 6 year old boy

Stephanie wrote about needing something special for a 6-year-old boy.  A
few years ago I made quilts for Christmas gifts for 2 nephews; at that
point they were either 4 and 6 or 5 and 7.  I made them using Deborah
Konchinsky's (sp?) Critters pattern for Dinosaurs, all free form lay
out.  Machine appliqued crazy bright printed dinosaurs on bright
fabrics.  Really turned out GREAT!  Tied them with DMC perle in bright

When we went for our Christmas visit, the boys were absolutely
delighted!  Which, in turn, delighted me so much because I didn't think
that they would have that much of a reaction.  The older one ran over
and hugged me and said, "I like it very much a lot!"  Their father tells
me that they are still sleeping under them and playing with them.  So I
think you prolly can't go wrong with dinosaurs for 6 year old boys.

From: "Jm & Barb"  
Subject: Quilter in need of card/note
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 08:44:49 -0400

Western New York most active volunteer form making quilts for children with cancer need a card or note, PLEASE.  Oct 3rd is her birthday, she has recently had many mini strokes and one med. stroke and no longer can leave her home.  Please if you can spare a stamp send a B Card or note -post card to:
Elizabeth Williams 211 Chestnut St. Lockport, N Y 14094
Thanks Barb  
From:  appliquer 
Subject: Re: applique burnout
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 09:15:07 -0700

Yes, I do get applique burn-out from time to time. That is when I put it
aside as I find if I 'force' myself, my work suffers. This is when I do the
baby quilts, Christmas quilts, scrap quilts, etc. After a few weeks, I am
foaming at the mouth to get back to my applique.
If you think you can, or think you can't, you are right!
From:  Lisa  
Subject: "Nature's Noel"
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 12:11:50 -0500

For the lady looking for the above mentioned book, you might try Purchase
for Less http://www.purchaseforless.com .  I have ordered from them and they are
reasonable on their prices, but you might want to compare prices with
someone else before ordering.  If the book is out of print then, Amazon will
try and find it for you, no charge.  Hope this helps.  Good luck

Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 13:51:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Judy  
Subject: Stippling

I am taking a machine quilting class in October and one of the
requirements are you must be able to stipple. I am been meaing to learn
how to stippling but have not gotten around to it. Does anyone have any
pointers that they would be willing to share? Thanks!

From:  Lavinia 
Subject: Bernina 930
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 13:59:38 -0400

The 930 with the needle control is 930N I think -- used to have one. You
pushed your heel down on the foot pedal and the needle went down.  There is
a Bernina forum at www.berninausa.com with questions, answers, machines for
sale, and so on. Click on older models forum.  You can get a good idea of
what all the owners think about the various Bernina models there.
From: Carol  
Subject: re: can anyone identify with this?
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:02:24 -0700

>I'm sure this sounds like whining, but how do 
>any of you give  yourselves that kick in the butt to get sewing?

Attend a quilt show.  You won't be able to wait to get home and start
If your quilt guild has show and tells like mine that will certainly get you in
the mood.
From: Barbw 
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 16:41:33 EDT
Subject: Pfaff

Thanks, Michele, for your info on Pfaff Co. I bought a new Pfaff 2 weeks ago 
and when I read about the co. in KK I'll have to admit it scared me. 
I "happened" upon the KK site by accident Sat. for the first time and love 
it! Anyway, I shopped for a new machine for quite awhile and visited many 
stores before settling on a Pfaff. My old 1967 Singer was worn out and the 
last man who serviced it told me not to do anymore denim quilts on it. I'd 
made my 2 grown sons each an Around the World comforter with their old blue 
jeans I'd saved for 30 yrs. 
Now I am working on a quilt ( a little late) for my son and his wife to 
commemorate their service in the Navy for Desert Storm, where they served 
together on the USS Platte, a recently decommissioned ship.
I want to embroider the 216 names of the crew members on the quilt so chose 
the Pfaff that will do it for me. I thought about doing it by hand but that 
only put my project on the back burner!  I'm fairly new at quilting and 
piecing so the thought of hand embroidery stumped me. 
Now I can use my new Pfaff and not lose any sleep thinking it won't be 
repaired if something goes wrong with it. Thanks again!
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:49:08 -0500
From: Christine 
Subject: 6 year old boys!

Stephanie - I have a 6 year old boy, so I guess I qualify as some sort
of expert on this idea!  My son picked out some material for me to make
him a quilt over a year ago, and it's still not done!  I hope he doesn't
hate it by the time I'm done!  I think he'll like having it when it's
done for curling up in front of the TV or whatever...

My son, Alex, really likes words right now since he's learning to read,
so an alphabet quilt or one that has words on it in some way would be
neat.  An I-Spy quilt would also be a good idea - using items to find
such as cars, dinosaurs, trucks?  Maybe a combination of the two - an
alphabet I-Spy, where the letters are in blocks throughout the quilt and
so are pictures of things that begin with each letter?  That could be
fun to make, and fun for him to look through and try to match each
letter with a block!

Good luck!

From: Barbw 
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 16:54:43 EDT
Subject: Stephanie;boys quilts

Saw a wonderful boys quilt in "Scrap Quilts Galore", an Oxford House 
publication. It's called "Roads" and is 65.5" X 95.5". It has a long blue 
road winding all thru it that a child can play with his cars for hours on!
May make it myself someday.

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