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Digest for Monday, September 20, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Hi Everyone, 

We're still trying to check the veracity of the fact, but it looks like Doreen Speckman may have passed away this weekend.  Been trying to check obits online, but can't find anything in the last 2 weeks.  We will continue to try to check this out.  I know that I can speak for all quilters when I say that I hope that this is just a rumor and I know that I'm not alone when I say that Doreen is one of my favorite quilters & teachers.  Let's all hope for the best.

Also, we've added a new free pattern from Carol Doak to the WWQP.  Please visit Carol's web site at http://quilt.com/CDoak or jump right to her Y2K Quilt pattern at http://quilt.com/Artists/CarolDoak/CarolsY2KQuilt.html  I can't wait to start on my Y2K paper peiced quilt!

Hope everyone made it through Hurricane Floyd & got to spend some time quilting over the weekend.

Sue T - List Mom
From: " Pam  
Subject: What I Did This Summer
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 08:14:47 -0000

I, too, am glad to see KK on my list this morning.  We have had problems with our ISP and connecting so I thought I had been dropped.  How nice to know I wasn't dumped!
The quilt donation project I finished was done in Noah's Ark fabrics for our church's Sunday School kids to sign and donate to a local shelter.  The kids had fun writing their names, including the little ones making just a scribble.
Have been working on machine quilting my daughter's memory graduation quilt, it is a big task for me that I had put off because I thought it would be too big to handle on my machine.  But instead of sending it off to someone else to quilt, I decided to give it a go.  And although it is slow and can't be done on warm days, I am making progress and will have done it all myself.
Also made a golf quilt for my 16 yo son, his favorite sport.  Found a good golf print and paired it up with tan (sandtraps), green(fairways) and red corner squares(flags).  It is waiting to be quilted.  He wants it done NOW!
Other smaller projects included a wallhanging for my family room, from a Debbie Mum pattern of pine trees on blue backgrounds, it was fun collecting the 16 fabrics needed when visiting shops.  I took a solitary quilt shop hop of my own for 2 days when the rest of my family was otherwise occupied, I drove east into Wisconsin and ended up at Madison, found 2 shops very worthy of returning to someday!  Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, and JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie. 
From: "Marcia" 
Subject: Paducah
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 19:08:51 -0400

What is the date of Paducah and how does one make contact there for places
to stay, etc.?  Marcia 
From: "April  
Subject: What I did this Summer
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 20:01:51 PDT

Hello everyone!
  Glad to be back with you all!  :)  Been busy this summer, Won a blue 
ribbon on an applique quilt at our local fair. Also won blue ribbons on DD's 
pron dress and DN's wedding dress.  Did a mystery quilt off of quiltaholic 
web site(stain glass-I fooled you). Turned out beautiful. Firat time I have 
done a mystery quilt. Now our quilt club is doing a mystery quilt, only on 
the third clue.
  Finally got DH's Nascar quilt in the frame. Going smoothly.
Went to a quilt show this weekend. Saw the 'Magic stack& Whack' 
demonstrated. Have had the book for months now. Now I understand it better 
and may get to it sooner. Would like to finish my crazy quilt first, tho. Of 
course that has been pushed aside so often that it would understand being 
put aside once again!  LOL
  Went rummage saling yesterday and found some older quilt tops(full size) 
that they had marked at only $5!!  Snapped up two older looking quilts....to 
put in my to do pile. Still I couldn't resist, there is usually a larger 
price on "valuables" like that!!!

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:01:59 -0700
From: Melanie  
Subject: New  Member and Poster

Hi everyone, this is my first posting, and enjoy this newsletter and the
help and suggestions I read in it. 

Thanks to Betty for the Url for a quick-to-make quilt for charity. I am
involved here in southern Oregon with Project Linus, a national
organization providing quilts to ill or traumatized kids. We have also
added the local hospice organization to our recipients to provide quilts
for the kids who are going through the loss of a parent or close family
member...it's very satisfying to help in this way. Would like to suggest
that others check in their area for a local Project Linus group, if you
have the time to give. 

Keep up all the interesting projects and sharing the descriptions; I
think I visualize each and every one. Meanwhile, I am planning Christmas
projects and getting my booth in local craft shop filled for the
holidays...and still gardening where, here, it is still summer, but
autumn is quickly approaching and more indoor sewing will replace
gardening projects soon. 

Happy Stitching....
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:19:58 +0100
From: Edith  
Subject: Help

Hello, It is good to start getting these letters once again and just in
time for the winter.  I am new at quilting so to speak. I have just completed a
"Sun Bonnet Sue" quilt that my Great Grandmother had started and am currently
working on a 9 patch quilt.  This winter will take me back to the United states and to settle in North Carolina.  I am very excited since that area was the focus of many child hood summers.  I am also delighted that that is a very active quilting community.    I am looking to invest in a sewing machine and a machine quilter.  I was wondering with all the talented quilters that are involved with this news letter if some of you would not mind giving me some pointers.  There seem to be so many to choose from.  I have looked at web sites and information on the PFAFF Quilt and Craft pro, Brother, elna, Husqvarna I also wanted to know if any one has tried the Gammill Quilting Systems or the American Professional Quilting Systems.  Thank you for any
help and advice you can give,  Edith
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:07:13 EDT
Subject: Re:  Kaffee-Klatsch for 9/19/1999

Hi KKers!  So glad to have you back!!
I'm working on hand quilting a 3D Bowtie quilt for my DS.
I used my collection of Hoffman muted colored Musical Themed fabric 
along with blk/wht musical fabric.
My backing is a muted blue that I picked up from one of my blocks.
Tho the backing fabric was expensive, it is not as tightly woven as I would 
have liked.  I am heavily quilting it as I would like him to be able to use both sides.  I am pleased with it so far but, would  it  have been a much easier project if I had  pre -planned the quilting design. I spend lots of time checking out the back of the quilt.
lyn in   where it will probably rain all day.
From: "larlin"  
Subject: Big Stitch quilting
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:46:30 -0400

I also would like to know what Bit Stitch quilting is. You can contact me at larlin@netsync.net. thank you. Right now I am making two quilts a SunBonnet Sue baby quilt in 1930's replica material. Also a queen size quilt in the rosette pattern any suggestion on how to quilt it. Thank you. Linda  
From: Minna111 
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 07:43:13 EDT
Subject: Something new I just learned

We just had a mini workshop at our White Birches Quilters Guild in Conway, NH and we learned a new technique for a cathedral window variation. I don't know who developed this, but it sure is pretty. For 1 complete 10" block,  cut eight (8) three (3) inch squares. Four (4) of print and four (4) of plain fabric. Fold the plain fabric diagonally in half, right sides out. Put it over top the other piece, right sides together and line each corner.  Pin it in place, roll back that folded edge, and with neat, invisible applique stitches, sew it just as you do for cathedral windows. Sew the four (4) squares together in any position you like the looks of. You get many different looks, depending on how you connect the squares. You may also use the fabrics the other way, switching plain with print. Our member found this in a magazine and we all loved it. It is great handwork to take in the car, Dr's office, etc. they go very fast and you have a whoe top made before you realize it! Also a!!
 good way to use those little scraps you just "can't" throw away!
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 22:41:22 -0500
Subject: quilt magazine
From: "shirley  

hello everyone,
likewise i am so glad to have kaffee-klatsch back. i just had to let
everyone know there is a new magazine out there called " fabric showcase
special " and on pg. 61 you can find the garden jewel quilt that i made for
marcus brothers textiles.

also on the internet you can see the freedoms day quilt at
http://quiltlinks.com      look for websites, then look for marcus brothers
textiles ( here comes the good part ) click on free patterns and you will
find the quilt and other free patterns.

i am working on the next quilt for the website, it is beautiful so be sure
to take a look  in oct !

" kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life "

warmly,  shirley   quilt in a day / marcus brothers textiles
From: "connie  
Subject: Quilt Displays
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 07:26:28 -0700

Thank you, Ladies, for all the suggestions on ways to display quilts.  I have kept them all on file and  because of you I'm starting to feel much more excited and much less apprehensive about the show.   If any of the rest of you have any more thoughts about display, please feel free to send them to me in the next 3 wks.  Our quilting group had a class with a Guild Traveling Teacher on Saturday--we made "Strips that Sizzle".  I had no idea how much fun it was going to be!  I used about 12 shades of turquoise and 12 of terra cotta, to get a "desert" look.  Wow!  Is it great!  A perfect class for a non-recovering fabriholic!  Sure enjoying this list's return, Sue!  Connie in , where summer goes on...and on...and on...
From:  Susan"  
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:23:37 -0700

Hi all,
    Catherine are you sure your presser foot is down?  Sometimes with the
darner on it is hard to tell if the presser foot is really down.  That
causes the stitches to skip.  The addition of special feet should not affect
the stitching on the machine.  Make sure you have not knocked any of the
settings off, and that your tension is correct.
    My heart goes out to you, my mom passed away last month.  It has been
really hard to get motivated to do much of anything.  Quilting does seem to
help the depression.
    I do a lot of applique.  I just started a quilt of photos from around
the world.  Friends have contributed the photos from their travels and I am
converting them into applique patterns.  If any of you live far from
California and have a good photo of your home, I would love a copy!

Took a wonderful trip this
> summer to Australia and New Zealand.
> Shirlee
    How was Australia?  My kids are part of a band that was invited and then
dis-invited, and then invited again to play at opening ceremonies in
Australia for the 2000 Olympics.  My husband and I are going as chaperones.
We lost our summer of fundraising by battling the Australian Organizing
committee that decided they did not want foreigners on the field.  Now that
they have seen the error of their ways and re-invited us, we are on a quest
to raise the $ to send our 700 American kids to Australia.  Amazing how
politics can interrupt a good thing.
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 12:36:42 -0400
From: Diane 
Subject: washing quilts


I made a machine quilted schoolhouse block quilt for my Mom and Dad
which now needs laundering. Would someone be kind enough to point me to
a page on the web where I might find instructions. Many thanks!

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 13:22:09 -0400
From: Eugene 
Subject: Count  onthis group for help

Missed you Sue. Watch for great ideas and information about quilting,
shops and problems we all encounter. Thought I had messed up my computer
when this site disappeared
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:18:48 -0400
From: Linda  
Subject: pattern

Hi everyone...so glad to see everyone back...I was in a quilt shop the
other day and saw a pattern for a "sunbonnet" type Holloween quilt that
was so cute.  I say sunbonnet because figures were all in costume with
no faces, scarecrow, ghost,etc. marching across fabic "streets".  Does
anyone know the where-abouts of this pattern.  The quilt shop had a
fill-in clerk and she didn't know.  Nice "talking" to all of you again.
From: Lrhuffman 
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 15:44:37 EDT
Subject: Colors running in 

I'm new to this list and was happy to see that I had not inadvertently 
unsubbed myself, too! 

Linda: There is a product called Retayne that is used to treat commercially 
dyed fabric that runs. I bought some a while ago but haven't needed to use it 
yet, thankfully. However, a friend in my guild was working with fabric that 
ran, too. I lent her some Retayne, and she said it worked. I ordered it 
through Dharma Trading (not affiliated, just a satisfied customer). 

Thanks for getting the list back up. I'll look forward to reading the posts 
and being inspired by all the quilty ideas!

From: JWByrd11 
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:12:41 EDT
Subject: Big Stitch

Several have asked about the Big Stitch.  I would consider Big Stitch the 
same as the stitches used in bygone years on utility quilts.  These utility 
quilts were usually simple, easy to sew patchwork designs.  The stitching 
method for utility quilting or big stitch is the same as regular quilting 
except both the stitches and the thread are bigger.  My favorite thread is 
pearl cotton (DMC No. 8) because it is strong and has a sheen.  Make a 
running quilting stitch just like you do with normal quilting, but make 
stitches 4-6 per  inch instead for the museum quality 10-12 per inch. The 
stitch length can be 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch.  I like to use big stitch on old 
fashioned looking scrap quilts and folk art applique projects.  It works 
really great on flannel quilts.  I am using black pearl cotton and no. 5 
embroidery needle on a flannel quilt of many colors and plaids and it is 
working out well. Hope this answers all your questions. Barbara 
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 23:28:46 +0100
From: Edith  
Subject: Quilting frame

There are several types of quilting frames to work from I am sure that
you are familiar with them.  I have found some instructions in the
Quilter's newsletter Magazine issue no. 312 page 47.    It is just the
basic frame  made of soft wood so that you can staple a folded strip of
muslin to each board letting about 1 inch of fabric extend beyond the
edge.  Use a permanent marker to indicate the center (halfway point) of
each board.
Fold the backing in quarters, and measure the length and width.  Mark
these measurements on the boards from the center to each end.  Fasten
the four boards together at the marks with the c-clamps, and the screws
on the bottom and the clamps in the corners.  Opposite boards should
both be on either the top or bottom.  Support the frame on the backs of
four identical chairs placed under the corners. This particular quilting
frame takes up a lot of room.  There is a kit that is advertised for
39.95 that is what they call an Easy Build This kit is supposed to
include all the instructions hardware, ratchet tensioners, complete tilt
assemblies, roller end caps and decorative end joints.   The rest they
say you build from inexpensive materials available locally.  Here is
their number 1-800-443-5800 Hinterberg Designs at 2805 E. Progress Drive
West Bend, WI 53095  Since I have used neither of these types of
quilting frames I can not vouch as to how good they are to work from.
But hope this helps you.    Edith
From: Mwg76978 
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 18:41:19 EDT
Subject: Doreen Speckman

Is it true about Doreen?  What happened.? I am in shock...POlease let me know 
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 20:17:01 -0400
From: Stephanie 
Subject: Magic Tile?

Treva, what is the Magic Tile quilt? It sounds neat, but I haven't heard
of it before.

in RAINY  , yay yay yay!
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:21:47 -0400
From: "William  
Subject: Big stitch

Have used to quilt baby quilts.  Four stitches to the inch, number 8
pearl cotton, number 5 between needle.  I do mostly traditional blocks
with straight line or clam shell quilting designs.  You can do a baby
quilt (42 x 48 inches) in just a few hours.
From: "Linda  
Subject: Thanks for suggestions about bleeding color
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 20:05:41 -0700

Thanks to those of you who responded to my question about a fabric dye that bled onto my finished quilt--Laurie, Carol, Nancy and Kathy.  Yes, I have already tried several products, while the quilt was still wet, to remove the dye.  One of them was Vivid laundry detergent.  I am familiar with both Retayne and Synthrapol.  Retayne is to be used on fabric BEFORE it is sewn into a quilt.  I know for a fact that the fabric sewn into my round robin was NOT prewashed.  I have used Synthrapol on another quilt that bled (how can I be so unlucky as to have this happen to me twice!?) and it didn't remove the dye.  As for the product from JoAnn's, I will look for that one.  With a test swatch already sewn up, I'm willing to try almost anything.  I've searched the Web and visited numerous quilt sites.  One in particular, in California, carries a complete line of products for dying fabrics, including a dye remover.  I would try this if I thought it wouldn't remove the COLOR from the quilt too!  Would really be sick if the ivory muslin actually turned white! 

So thank you for your input.  If I encounter a "miracle" product, I will surely let every one of you know about it.

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:30:26 -0500
From: Pamella  
Subject: We will miss Doreen Speckman

I thought that being quilters, it would be appropriate to let you know
that we lost a wonderful, fun, creative and sharing person this past
weekend.  Doreen Speckman was on one of her many trips/cruises and died
of a heart attack while singing and dancing with her friends in an Irish
pub.  Having known Doreen for almost 20 years, I've had the privilege of
seeing some of her earliest quilts and enjoying her rich sense of
humor.  She was an incredibly wonderful and sharing teacher, and I'm
sure that her influence reaches beyond anything we can grasp.
She will be terribly missed.
From: "Mazzuca"  
Subject: bleeding fabric
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 19:43:51 -0700

Hi Linda,  What if you dye the whole quilt in a commercial tea dye product, I like the look and it should help hide the bleeding.?  Alene  

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