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Digest for Sunday, September 19, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 21:40:04 -0400
From: Stephanie 
Subject: 1930s patterns?

Thanks, Sally Ward, for that suggestion on testing the tension for
machine quilting. I have been pulling my hair out with the machine
quilting and finally just gave up for the summer, but I want to conquer
this! And tension has been a big problem for me. Seems like such an easy
suggestion but I never would have thought of it myself.

Now my question... I just re-did my kitchen in 1930s colors -- apple
green on the upper part of the wall, cream on the lower part, with an
apple border stenciled at the top on a cream background, and some rosy
pink accents. I have one green section of wall that measures about 4' x
6',  and I haven't been able to find little prints that I like and which
"go", so I was thinking about making three quilt squares for that space.
Does anyone have any suggestions for patterns? I thought if I could find
a sampler and pick three blocks, that would work. I would like the
blocks to be coordinated with an interesting theme, and I'm not tied to
the apples as a theme necessarily, nor do the blocks have to have
"pictures" in the center. Mostly I just want to do something fun with
the colors. (And NO Sunbonnet Sue, which is nice but not my style.) I'd
welcome any and all suggestions! Thanks!!!

in , where our well is nearly dry and we're really hoping for
From: "cresha" 
Subject: big stitch
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 20:42:14 -0500

Hi, this is my first posting, but i love reading what other quilters are doing.  i notice that some of you are talking about big stitch and i am wondering what this is.  i would appreciate if someone could let me know.  it sounds like something i would like to use on the baby quilt i am making for grandchild number two. right now i am working on a lone star quilt.  am almost ready to start quilting it.  plus i am making doll clothes for my granddaughter.  i also have another quilt, log cabin, cut out and ready to start piecing together.  i don't like not having a quilt in the hoop as my fingers get sore if i am not able to quilt daily.  Cresha 
From: "Karen"
Subject: Glad your back
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 22:42:45 -0500

I too thought I had unsubscribed. HA HA. I have done some quilting this summer. I made a small log cabin quilt, a small pinwheel quilt. A tote and a pumpkin basket. Now I'm back to work and it is cutting into my quilting time. Glad to have KK back.  I missed it.
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 00:04:50 -0400
Subject: Big Stitch Quilting????
From: Doris 

So glad the kaffee-klatsch is back. I am a new quilter  but enjoy this as
a pass  time. I would like to know more about Big Stitch Quilting. You
can contact me thru dogene@juno.com . Thanks, Doris 
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 05:36:54 -0400
From: cyndy
Subject: Going to the Bahamas

Welcome back KK!!
   My Husband and I will be going on a cruize this week.  Does anyone
have any suggestions as to where I can find some interesting fabric, or
any special place they recommend we visit?  I can be reached at
From: JQuilt
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 08:49:55 EDT
Subject: buckwheat pillows

those expensive pillows that you see...are made with buckwheat *hulls* not 
buckwheat...(Martha Stewart had a segment on her program about making them)..
From: "kt
Subject: missed you
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 07:51:57 -0700

	Hi all you clever quilters;
	So glad to have you back. And again, thanx Sue for the hard work in keeping
us all connected. I have been doing the Magic Tile quilts this summer. One
as a `nap' quilt for DH, and now on to one for the eldest granddaughter's
bed. She wants it to hang to the floor, so we are a bit bigger than a twin.
I used the mottled colors, so the effect it very stained glass. Our guild
did a workshop, and for once I finished the project.
	Working on the Christmas things too. Also have some of the old blocks of my
mother (passed) and grandmother (passed), that I inherited. I am using
several different blocks, and making a wall quilt with my borders and blocks
to make it all work. It will be 3-generational, and a keepsake for my
daughters. It is amazing the fabric these old time quilters used, and total
hand stitched together. Too fragile for todays lifestyles, so will hang it
to preserve it.
	Beautiful fall weather, leaves just starting to yellow up. Makes  you feel
like quilting!!
From: "Linda 
Subject: Suggestions for fabric that has bled
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 12:30:59 -0700

I am looking for suggestions about how to remove dye that has bled onto another fabric.

Over a year's period of time, I participated in a round robin with six of my local quilt guild friends.  My quilt turned out beautifully and a friend hand-quilted it for me.  She did lovely work.  However, when I rinsed my quilt in cold water, in my washing machine, to remove the blue quilt markings, I learned that one of the fabrics sewn into my quilt had not been pre-washed.  Only after I spun out the quilt and blocked it for drying, did I discover that a burgundy fabric had run into the ivory muslin and solid green areas of the quilt.  I quickly returned the quilt to cold water, but the damage was done.  I tried Orvus paste, Stain Stick, Zout and a couple other spot removers, but none of them changed the stained areas.  I reblocked the quilt to dry and have not tried anything else on it.

Now, I have made an 8" x 10"sample using the ivory muslin, some of the burgundy "culprit" fabric, and the green solid identical to those fabrics in my quilt.  I intentionally rinsed this piece, let it bleed and dry.  Now it's my test piece.  At someone's suggestion, I tried the product Quilt Soak.  I let the sample soak for three days, but nothing happened.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what other product might work?

If you're inclined to see this quilt, or if you live in or near Iowa, please come to the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild (DMAQG) Quilt Show this coming weekend, Sept. 24, 25 and 26.  The guilds' annual show is at the Johnston Soccer Complex and will be our biggest show ever, with over 400 quilts on display (see our seven round robin quilts displayed together), free lectures and demonstrations, and 25 vendors.  The quilt show theme is "Pieces from our Past: Depression Era Quilts." 

TIA for any tips about getting the dye out.
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 09:55:04 -0700
From: Betty 
Subject: fabric/quilt stores, etc.

Hi, all,
I'll be visiting in KINGSTON, ONTARIO next month.  Are there any
quilters on the list from that area, who could recommend some fabric
and/or quilt shops?  I'd appreciate it.  Also, we'll be in Ottawa for
one day, and may get a chance to do some shopping there, so same request
for Ottawa.
QUILLOW/QUILLO - a tied quilt with a pocket attached.  The quilt can be
folded to fit inside the pocket, thus producing the pillow.  The quilt
top can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  A quillo was the
first quilt class I ever took, and I keep the one I made in my car in
case of emergencies.  (It's really ugly - didn't know much about fabric
then, never mind quilting!)  They are fun, dead easy, and quick to make,
especially using "kids" fabrics; I made six for grandchildren last year,
and taught one of my daughters-in-law, who never sews, to make them. 
They are so easy!
LOG CABIN ALPHABET - I'm also interested in the pattern for a log cabin
alphabet quilt, so if one is found, please post to the list.
TESSELLATED QUILTS - Susan, if you know of any web sites for
tessellations (geometry and/or quilts)I'd appreciate knowing them. 
Could you post to the list, or to me privately, if you prefer.

I was touched by the description of the "Hearts and Hands for Kosovo"
and the ecumenical quilting group.  We women can do anything!!

I'm looking for a (fairly easy, quick) pattern for the tote bags
mentioned previously.  Would like to suggest this idea to my local
guild, as a project to go with our transition house quilts.  If anyone
knows of a pattern, please post to the list or email me privately, if
you prefer.
Happy quilting, everyone.
Betty (another sunny day in - it's a toss-up whether to garden or
From: "Karen" 
Subject: Welcome back KK
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 12:48:59 -0500

Hi I'm glad KK is back I sure missed it. I have done a few quilty things this summer. I made a small log cabin and a small pinwheel quilt and I made a quilted tote. Still working on the quilts. Have to quilt the pinwheel. I made a quilted pumpkin pail  the pattern is from the Farmyard creations. It is really cute. Nice to be back.
From: "hilde"
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:05:33 +0200
Subject: husqvarna

 is there someone who has the 'husqvarna designer 1'
and did you have also the software for the computer.
Is this it expensive ???
KK i'm happy you are back.

hilde from
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 16:16:49 -0400
From: Sue 
Subject: Thx Betty

Betty, thanks for the web site for a quick and easy quilt.  I went right
there and printed it up.  It was just what I was looking for.  My DSIL
has cancer and is only in her early 30's.  I wanted to make her
something and that was perfect.  I went and bought fabric the next day
and cut it out and have it half way pieced.  I love it.

I just finished my first I Spy quilt so am doing the snoopy dance.  I
have 3 other quilt tops to quilt that I pieced this summer, but love
starting new projects.  I am also working on a canning jar wall hanging
filled with fruit and candy.  Going to hang it in my classroom at
school.  I teach Family & Consumer Science.    I'm glad I found this
site.  Thanks for the information.
From: Hwoodquilt
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 16:37:41 EDT
Subject: Big Stitch and angels

I'm another one who would like to hear about Big Stitch.  I'll be taking 
notes and so far they include "pearl cotton" and "#5 embroidery needles" .  
Best in what kind of fabric or pattern?  Is the name because you stitch with 
big stitches?  How big? -- I don't have www so angel pattern names or books 
where I might find one I like would be appreciated.--  Thanks Betty for 
reinforcing my thoughts. I have now decided not to put Prairie Points right 
on the edge of my baby quilt and yes, I will machine quilt it so it washes 
well for a long time.  Carol 

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