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From C&T Publising - October 1999

C&T makes every effort to ensure that our products are as close to perfect as we can make them. Nonetheless, sometimes corrections need to be made, whether due to printing errors or other causes. The first printing of C&T's book, Freddy's House: Brilliant Color in Quilts by Freddy Moran, contains errors in templates on pages 106, 107, 108, and 109. The correct templates can be found by going to C&T's home page at, scroll down and click on the link to The C&T Newsroom, then click on the link to and follow the instructions on C&T's errata page. We apologize to our customers for this inconvenience.

Date: 5/26/5
Person Posting: Amy Davis
Pattern: Mollie's Choice
From: Quilts from Aunt Amy , page #24

The Chart in Step 3 is incorrect and does not correspond with the diagram.

Line 1 in the chart is correct
Line 2 should be Green Print
Line 3 should be Floral and not the blue check material that they state.

Glad I caught this before I started cutting!

Date: 5/3/5
Person Posting: Jane Wolfinger
Pattern: Blue Keys Quilt
From: Timeless Toile, page #6 and 33

I am in the process of making this quilt. I was told there could be some errors in the pattern. I have found some of the directions do not seem to be correct, about four different ones. Has any one made this quilt or can supply me with where to go for corrections. I have contacted the quilt shop I bought the book from, no help, I have contacted the shop/author who published the pattern, no help or response.

I believe I can salvage my project, but it sure would be nice to have the corrected version. Thanks for any help any one can give me.

Date: 4/4/5
Person Posting: Jean H. Berry
Pattern: Sinply Stellar
From: "Prairie Song" by Lida Hohag, page #4

The template is too small for the triangle and the triangle too large for the star it has to be sewn on to. I ended up enlarging the template and making a triangle template and then doing some trimming after sewing it to the star. Is there an easier remedy?

Date: 3/8/5
Person Posting: Alicia
Pattern: Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past
From: Leisure Arts Leaflet #1970, page #

The directions say to get a queen size batting which leads you to believe that it makes a queen size quilt! Not true. It actually needs a full size batting. Finished size of the quilt is 73" x 84", which is not published in the book. It's a great looking quilt, too bad it won't fit my bed! Since I have 70 of the 72 blocks done I have to re-design the whole thing to make it fit. I'm glad I realized it now before I started all the hand quilting! Good luck! Alicia

Date: 2/13/5
Person Posting: Georgia Hester
Pattern: Butterfly with Daisies
From: fairway needlecraft co., page #1

My co-worker just completed this quilt that her mother found at a garage sale and it's beautiful!!
Can anyone help me locate it. Lot # 92398.
Thank you very much.

Date: 11/11/4
Person Posting: Charlene Counce
Pattern: Fairway Needlecraft Butterfly#95102
From: Alco Store, page #?

I am trying to find the Quilt Blocks for the Butterfly Quilt #95102 Fairway Needlecraft Co. Could anyway one help me find these blocks? Charlene Counce PoBox 367 Wray, Co. 80758 or

Date: 7/18/4
Person Posting: diana rodriguez
Pattern: crystal block
From: coffee-time quilts book, page #37

I have just tried to make my first block and the sub units don't work. The triangle units measured 5 and 3/4 inches and the outer point units measured 5 1/2 inches. I thought this was a wonderful block out of a new book by Cathy Wierzbicki but I'm sorry I even tried it. I double checked my cutting as per the instructions but there is something wrong with the instruction measurements. Help anyone.

Date: 7/16/4
Person Posting: Tammy Marie
Pattern: Streak of lightning
From: Quick quilts from your scrap bag, page #62-64

If my memory serves me correctly, If you follow their directions for this block (name unknown)
you end up with a 4 1/2" sq. instead of the 4"sq.
pictured. I found this out while doing my first quilt, (christmas) spent 4 days trying to find someone who could tell me what I was doing wrong only to find out it was the book that was incorrect not me. I was so discusted I baggad up all the pieces and threw them in the closet. Just my luck to pick a botched pattern for my first quilt. :-(

Date: 1/31/4
Person Posting: Ann Carey
Pattern: Manor House Star Medallion Quilt
From: Andover Fabrics, page #

What is the proper size of the template for the corner fan blades?? This is a free pattern from Andover to be used with the Manor House line of fabrics.

Date: 11/22/3
Person Posting: Mitzie Payne
Pattern: Bytterfly-Border Lot. 87392
From: Fairway Needlecrarft Co., page #

In response to Marina Matthes of 12/24/01 RE: How to contact Fairway Needlecraft Co..

DSC Needlecraft
1147 Old Cove Road
St. Clair, MO 63077

Date: 10/7/3
Person Posting: Marilyn Marshall
Pattern: Deja Blue , Too
From: Quiltworks Today June/July 2003, page #29-33

I was testing this design with one block. The quilt is set on point. However, what seems to have happened is the designers forgot to calculate in the sashing row which changes the completed block size from 17.5" to 22". Then it seems they were trying to line up triangle edges with the corners of the 17.5" inside block.
1. The cutting for the corner triangles should be 9" not 12" squares. The 18" strips for mittered corners are good enough.
2. The setting squares and triangles also need to be changed but I don't know to what. They do need to be bigger. The 30" strips will be too short.
Therefor, chances are that the yardage may be a little understated for 4 of the colours.
3. The finished size I believe, because of the changes to the setting triangles etc, probably will also be bigger. It just boggled my mind to start working out the setting triangles and I have left it in the hands of QT Editor Debra. I also tried to get help from Electric Quilt (since I bought their software) but neither one has gotten back to me on the calculations for the setting triangles.
4.I also suggested to Debra that an errata posting on her web site would be useful. She did agree since they were almost ready to print 3 issues and the corrections would not be timely. However, their web site does not show a corrections page as yet.

Date: 10/1/3
Person Posting: Melanie A. Steiner
Pattern: Island Star
From: More Fat Quarter Quilts, page #25

Finished quilt size is approximately 42"x52". Not the size stated.
In the cutting directions
Background cut 8 strips 2 1/4"x 42"
From each of the two fat quarters for the four patch units
cut 8 strips 2 1/4"x18"

Date: 8/10/3
Person Posting: Laura Franchini
Pattern: Fairy Garden
From: Individual pattern, page #

Tulip Block, block #5: This is a square block, and the cut size should measure 15" x 15", and the sewn size should measure 13" x 13"

Blocks #9 and #10 should be reversed. They are listed in the incorrect position in the layout and assembly diagram. The picture on the front of the pattern will show you how they should look.

Date: 7/31/3
Person Posting: Ginger Holtzen
Pattern: Butterflies
From: Stack-n-Whackier by Bethany Reynolds, page #53

I used the 5" template pattern on page 123 and took care to use a 1/4" seam allowances. When I try to peice the 3" square cut on the diagonal to the upper wings and lower wings I have less than a 4" block to peice to the B3 block. Is this wedge template pattern to small? Please help.

I intended to use this in a competition quilt entry.

Thank You

Ginger Holtzen

Date: 7/27/3
Person Posting: Leilani Phillips
Pattern: Basket Lattice
From: Treasures from Yesterday Book Two, page #60

From the assorted prints cut:

484 rectangles 2" x 5"

(the book says 242)

Date: 5/26/3
Person Posting: Elana Schachter
Pattern: Celestial Garden
From: Great American Quilts, book eight (and sold separately), page #74-75

If you stagger and cut the strips as shown in diagrams B & C, your diamonds will not come out as shown in Diagrams A & D. They will be reversed; Strip set 6 will be at the top, Set 5 next, etc. and strip one will be at the bottom. The end result will be the mirror image, so it will look basically the same. Unless you have fussycut fabrics that have to be to the right or left of each other it doesn't really matter, but it gave me a few minutes of panic that my careful arrangement of my fabrics was all wrong!
One other little tip: when you stagger the strips, leave the first one 1 1/2" longer instead of 1 1/4". You will be able to cut all the rest that much closer. Also, keep checking that your 45 degree angle is still accurate as you cross-cut the strips. I found that I had to redo it about halfway through each panel.
Matching all those points was a real challenge, but I think the quilt will be beautiful when it is finished. Happy quilting!

Date: 11/21/2
Person Posting: Darlene Gray
Pattern: Sweetheart Quilt
From: Quilt Presents #34, Big Block Quilts, page #48

There is an error either in the size of the block
backgrounds or Step 4 for hand applique. I cut the background fabric the size required and then cut one set of x, y, and w for one block. I added the 1/4" seam allowance as required for hand applique. When placing these pieces on the background, they did not fit. The hearts were too large for the area they were to be placed. I turned them the opposite direction but to no avail. I ended up deleting the 1/4" seam allowance and kept the hearts in the opposite direction to make tham fit the 15 1/2" squares. If the background square is changed, it will change all other measurements. What is the problem?

Date: 11/11/2
Person Posting: C Stevenson
Pattern: In the Graden
From: Quilters Companion, No.1, page #63

Diagram 4 has the pieces incorrectly numbered. 1,2 and 3 are correct. Piece 4 should be piece that has been left blank. 5 and 6 are correct and the piece labelled '4' should actually be labelled '7'

Date: 8/16/2
Person Posting: Jodie Eberhardt
Pattern: Magnolia Buds
From: The Quilter Magazine, page #17

The size for the setting triangles and corner triangles is wrong. The setting triangles for an 8'finished square should be cut 12.5" square then cut diagonally twice. The corner triangles should be 6.5" square cut once diagonally. I also suggest if not using the Tri-recs tool that you stack your rectangles, mark your diagonal cutting line, sew 1/4" seam from each side of the cutting line and then cut apart. I would also make one square to draft your pressing directions. If you follow the ones in the pattern you end up with a lot of bulk at cross seams when sewing the squares together.

Date: 7/31/2
Person Posting: Melanie
Pattern: Triple Rail on Point
From: More Fat Quarter Quilts, page #42

The layout of the finished quilt photo on page 42 and the layout diagram on page 44 are different, using a different number of blocks and result in a different sized quilt. This book seems to contain a fair number of errors.

Date: 7/3/2
Person Posting: Ruth Buchanan
Pattern: Starflower
From: Australian Patchwork & Quilting vol 9 no 11 (02 Annual), page #22-27

Unfortunately the pattern was scrambled by the printer, with some information appearing twice and some missing entirely. For a complete correct text, email and request it. It's helpful if you put "Starflower pattern request" in the subject line of your email.

Date: 6/10/2
Person Posting: Laura Malo
Pattern: Clay's Choice Quilt
From: Heirloom Quilts by Leisure Art (copyright 1997), page #98

The cutting instructions for the "red, blue & green" prints indicates that you cut one (1) 6" x 22" rectangle BUT two (2) of each are needed. Since I purchased extra fabric to start with, I'm not sure whether the yardage requirements are correct.

Date: 6/8/2
Person Posting: Rita
Pattern: Variable star block
From: Millenium Garden Block Two, Patek & Allen, page #

This block of the month quilt is mostly applique, but block 2 is a pieced variable star block. There is a template pattern, but no instructions besides "cut and piece 3 variable star blocks". My question is, what is the finished size of this block? Should the pieces be cut 1/4" larger than the template or cut on template line, and sew together with 1/4" seams????

Date: 6/3/2
Person Posting: Melissa McCance
Pattern: Spiral Lone Star
From: Lone Star Quilts & Beyond, page #98 & 99

In the numbered diagrams for the quarter compass setting squares shown on page 98, there is an error in the fabric numbers for block H. The diamond in the quarter-circle in the lower-left corner of the block is numbered for fabric 7--it should be fabric 1 to maintain the rotation of all eight fabrics through this piece placement. It is also numbered incorrectly in the master layout on page 99.

Date: 5/26/2
Person Posting: Pat Davis
Pattern: Tulip Festival
From: Quilts From Larkspur Farm, page #13

Unfortunately, I found another error in the instructions for this quilt. Under the Cutting instructions...From the assorted green says to cut 60 squares, each 1" x 1".
The squares should be cut 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". I wish I hadn't cut all my 1" squares before discovering this! Since I found two errors right from the get-go in this book, I think everything should be checked very, very carefully. The quilts in this book are so pretty that I don't want to give up on it, but I do wonder about the testing or proof reading.

Date: 5/25/2
Person Posting: Pat Davis
Pattern: Tulip Festival
From: Quilts From Larkspur Farm, page #13-14

Step 2 of Making the Tulip Blocks says to "position 1 green 2 1/2" square on top of each triangle unit from step 1". I think it means to say to position 1 yellow 2 1/2" square on top of each triangle......

Date: 5/22/2
Person Posting: Shirley Heinen
Pattern: Multi- Fan Star
From: In Love With Log Cabins /Oxmoor House/, page #Page 44

This quilt was made by an Amish woman and bought by Ileane Miller and loaned to Oxmoor House for this book. The pattern instructions are not easy to understand and seem to be missing some important points. How big should each diamond be? Mine are turning out in different sizes. Do the fans have to have the edges turned under and what is allowed for this. I took this pattern and some of my sewen pieces to an expert quilter and she agreed that the instructions are not complete. How do I measure each strip to be sure I have it right? I did buy the clear view ruler by Nephew but no instructions on how to use it. Do I measure from the edge or each strip? Confused.
Shirley Heinen at

Date: 4/19/2
Person Posting: Becky
Pattern: Koala Bear Quilt
From: n/a, page #n/a

Woud love to find this pattern!!! I can't find any koala patterns-Peggy or anyone can you help?
Thank you-

Date: 8/23/1
Person Posting: Peggy
Pattern: Koala quilt
From: Quilt a Koala, page #12 & 52
There are two problems with this pattern.
Page 12:Pattern piece 4 should be brown, not the background color as per the photo
Page 52: Step 2. Pattern neglects to mention what inch to cut the 45 degree angle in the large background colored rectangles. I'm still working on figuring this one out!

Date: 4/4/2
Person Posting: Oveda Touchstone
Pattern: rose quilt blocks
From: Lot No. 95395, page #

The picture of the quilt block with the rose has the finshed quilt picture that has a border that I really like, but cannot find a pattern for it. Do you have a pattern for this border, and if so how can I get it? Again, the lot no is 95395.

Thank you,
Oveda Touchstone

Date: 3/18/2
Person Posting: Wendy Strumwasser
Pattern: Josephs Coat of Many Colors
From: The Quilter Magazine, May 2002 Issue, page #32-34

There are 2 major mistakes in this pattern. They do not tell you to square up your sewn blocks to 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" after step #6. They do not fit if you leave them as is.
The second mistake is on step #8. They do not tell you to put on the first purple border, then the pieced one, then the purple second border. The first border does not exist in their directions after the cutting directions.

Date: 2/10/2
Person Posting: Becky from WI
Pattern: Liberty Star
From: Stars abd Stripes Sampler Fons and Porter, page #28

#2. Diamonds should be cut every 5", not every 3 1/2" as pattern states. Has anyone made this quilt? Find any other errors?

Date: 1/23/2
Person Posting: Susan Messier
Pattern: NO 87294
From: Herrshners`, page #14

How I can get different border patterns

Date: 1/17/2
Person Posting: J. Grigg
Pattern: Pinwheel Plus Wall Quilt
From: Magic Stack n Whack, page #38

In # 6, should the reference to 16" rectangles be 15.5" ?

Date: 12/28/1
Person Posting: Sally
Pattern: Island Star
From: More Fat Quarter Quilts by M'liss Rae Hawley, page #25

Finished quilt size is off s/b 51.5" x 41.5".

Yardage for background is off s/b 7/8 yard.

Background cutting is off s/b 6 strips, 2 1/4" x 42". Cross cut into 12 strips 2 1/4" x 18".

Cutting for fat quarters for FOUR PATCH units is off s/b 6 strips 2 1/4" x 18".

Date: 12/24/1
Person Posting: Marina Matthes
Pattern: Butterfly - Border Lot 87392
From: Purchased Package (Gift), page #

I am trying to find a source or address for Fairway Needlecraft co.
Can anyone help?

Date: 11/9/1
Person Posting: Debbie Black
Pattern: Hexagon Star Double Quilt
From: Magic Stack-N-Whack, page #72

Can you please give me the directions for cutting the accent fabric (star points) and background fabric for a DOUBLE size quilt? I found the instructions for the throw and wall size, but didn't find for the double. Thanks, I love this look and using this technique.

Date: 10/25/1
Person Posting: Diana
Pattern: Simply Squares
From: McCall's Quilting/Scrappatch Network, page #

A lovely idea but note that at the edges all the points will be cut off using this pattern.

Date: 9/29/1
Person Posting: Charlotte Putland
Pattern: Tides and Treasure
From: Free papre pieced pattern from Quilt Seeds, page #

Directions call for 6 5/8 in sq cut into 4 pieces for corner triangles of quilt. I find that this square should only be cut in half to fit the corners.

Date: 8/23/1
Person Posting: Peggy
Pattern: Koala quilt
From: Quilt a Koala, page #12 & 52

There are two problems with this pattern.
Page 12:Pattern piece 4 should be brown, not the background color as per the photo
Page 52: Step 2. Pattern neglects to mention what inch to cut the 45 degree angle in the large background colored rectangles. I'm still working on figuring this one out!

Date: 7/27/1
Person Posting: Becky Batson
Pattern: Floral Reflections Quilt Border
From: Quilt Nouveau, page #Insert Page

Very vague and incomplete instructions. Would love to know if others have experienced the frustrations I have in piecing this border.

Date: 7/24/1
Person Posting: Adele Dillie
Pattern: Grandma's Country Album
From: McCalls Quilting magazine, page #

The house block doesn't come out correctly. I've added the numbers for the pieces and they don't add up evenly so it's not my own cutting mistakes. Has anyone seen a correction for this?

Date: 7/15/1
Person Posting: Risa Gilligan
Pattern: Indian Homeland
From: 7-Day Country Quilts by Fran Roen, page #86

Am I doing something wrong or is the instructions wrong? In steps 5 & 6 you are combining a middle strip which is 4 1/2" wide and two other strips each 4 1/2 inches wide. With quarter inch seams this will give you a block 12 3/4 ". This you are supposed to attach to a block made in step one which was a 12" block. I'm not sure if I'm messing up or the instructions are wrong. I'm new to this but even so the instructions don't seem to work. Can anyone help on this? Thank you.

Date: 5/19/1
Person Posting: Sally Hasson
Pattern: Cranberry Delight
From: Patchwork Pantry, page #12

Diagram Four provided under "Assemble the Quilt Top" is not the correct layout for the photograph of the finished quilt on page 28. Also, the floral/vine patterns provided for the center medallion are too big to fit the Applique Center Medallion area. I reduced the patterns on a copier.

Date: 5/12/1
Person Posting: P. McPherson
Pattern: Keepsake Quilt
From: Designs in Machine Embroidery Vol 9, page #Page 8

Hi, I'm in the middle of creating the hankie quilt in this issue. I'm fairly new at machine (or any kind) of quilting. I cannot find in the article where it explaines how to join the finished squares with the strips of novelty print! HELP Thank you.

Date: 4/9/1
Person Posting: susan Iacuone
Pattern: charm spools
From: Australian patchwork & Quilting vol8 #5, page #88

the pattern template is missing, it will appear in vol8#7 due out in Australia in May of 2001

Date: 2/22/1
Person Posting: Kristen Willard
Pattern: Indigo A-Go-Go
From: Individual Pattern from Karen Stone, page #

On the back pink supply list, Karen lists 24-14" sheets of fusible applique material. You only need 12 sheets (or approximately 4 1/2yds. 16" wide wonder under).

Date: 2/15/1
Person Posting: Nancy
Pattern: Martha Washington Star
From: Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts, page #84

There is an error in the cutting section. There are 2 shapes in the block diagram for template 6h. The cutting instructions give 3 different strips to cut for 6h - two of them are to be 2 1/2" and one is to be 2 7/8". I don't use templates, but in checking the template section, there is no 2 1/2" triangle template. There is no template designation for the star points. So here's how to cut: For the triangles on the 4 sides of the inner pinwheel, cut 2 7/8" squares and then cut them diagonally. For the corners, cut 2 1/2" squares, place them at corners, sew diagonally, and trim off excess. Cut the star points from 2 1/2" squares for making the flying geese.

Date: 1/20/1
Person Posting: Wendy Strumwasser
Pattern: Garland Tulips
From: Big Book of Small Quilts by Mary Hickey, page #146, 147

Mistake seems to be where the leaves are assembled to the main block. Photo shows that the green part of the leaf is on the outside of the block, the instructions indicate that the green leaf is on the inside of the block in diagram 2, block assembly diagram, and quilt assembly diagram. Why this old publication has gone so long without this mistake being found is poor proof reading... Oxmoor House should be ashamed.

Date: 1/12/1
Person Posting: Lisa Benson
Pattern: New York Beauty
From: Benartex - Foundation by the Yard - preprinted panel, page #

The directions say to cut all the point pieces within the arc 2" x 5". The triangles are two different sizes and this works for the smaller triangles but is too small for the larger ones. Suggest you cut all pieces 2 1/2" x 5"

Date: 12/3/0
Person Posting: Becky Kelher
Pattern: "Flawless Octagons"
From: Quilter's Newletter Magazine, Dec. 2000, #328, page #52-54

I am the author of this article, unfortunately it contains a number of errors. I have the premission of QNM to offer these corrections.

Be sure to read all of the corrections below before you attempt a sample, as some of the original instructions (those with regards to "clipping") are out of order.

The corrections;

The numbering sequence is incorrect. To number correctly: With the unit held so that the slit is in a vertical positon, the numbering should begin with the "1" in the patch in the one o'clock position, and continue in a CLOCKWISE manner around the block. The numbering sequence shown in the article will produce seams on the left hand side as the patches are sewn together instead of the right where they belong.

Step #5. The clipping mentioned in this step must be done at the end of Step #3, BEFORE the seam is pressed open in Step #4.

Step #6. This seam does end at the edge of the pressed open seam allowance, but NOT at the notch formed where the edge of this seam allowance intersects patch #1, as the photo would seem to indicate. The seam is actually somewhat to the right of this point (which would be to the left, or above, in the photo, remember it is backwards because of the backwards numbering in the first step), trust your quarter inch seam allowance for this one!

Step #7. The clipping mentioned in this step must come BEFORE the seam is pressed open in Step #6.

Step #7(more) The seam line connecting patches 3 and 4 ends at the notch formed by the previous seam (between 2 and 3) and the presssed-over end of the seam allownce between patches 1 and 2. (which also corresonds with the edge of patch #1) But this notch is not your only guideline for this third seam. There is a short little seam line moving up from the notch (the line is from the first seam, and is placed in this position when seam #2 is pressed open) Aim for, and sew right over this line, ending at the notch. Sewing over this line assures that the first two triangles formed witll meet at exact points.

Step #7 (more) After you press the seam allowance towards patch #4 from the back, turn the unit to the right side, and working with the tip of your iron, press patch #4 away from patch #3 towards and onto the seam allowance, so the seam is fully open. Don't skip this pressing from the front, it makes a difference in the final alignment.

Step #8.The article says, "Insert a pin at the point where the stitching crosses the open seam" This is the point where the third seam line crosses the second seam line, the second one has been pressed open, hence the "open seam" in the instructions.

Final Step: (omitted in the article) With so many seams coming together at the center, for the final pressing, I pin the block out on my ironing board, right side up, placing pins in opposite corners until the center is perfect. Then cover with a damp cloth (not wet, wring it as dry as you can) and press. Use the same tempaerature you used to fuse earlier. Remove the cloth, press again, and leave the block pinned until absolutely dry.

Steps #6 and #7, especially, take a lot of words to explain. The photos in the article are not much help, not only are they backwards, but instead of showing the seams in position ready to be sewn, so that the various match points would show; the seams are shown already sewn with the unit flattened out, so that the various match points are difficult or impossible to see. If you make use of the above corrections to make a sample, the words will make sense.

Date: 11/24/0
Person Posting: Shelley
Pattern: Star Pattern-Quilt Blocks
From: Fairway Needlecraft Co. St. Clair, MO 63077, page #

I have purchased 12 sets of Quilt Blocks from the co. above. There are 6 blocks to each set. It is an embroidered quilt. The lot # is 92696. There is a star in the middle and 2 more stars making up the outside. The star in the middle has 8 sections to it and 1 section is short a row of X's to be embroidered to match the other 7 sections, but if you look at the picture attached to the blocks it would appear that the 1 section of the middle star is correct and the other 7 are wrong. Does anyone have any idea as to how to reach this company. Please advise. Thanks

Date: 11/7/0
Person Posting: Audrey Johns
Pattern: Graph It
From: June Taylor Quilt Designer's Graph Paper, page #N/A

This pad supposedly measures 12" x 12"
After many abortive attempts at accuracy, I realised that the pad is inaccurate and not me!
The vertical measurement is short by one eighth of an inch.
Hope this saves others some frustration.
Does anyone know how I can contact the June Taylor Company?

Date: 11/3/0
Person Posting: Diane
Pattern: Brocade and Velvet Throw
From: Glorious Patchwork, Kaffe Fassett, page #124

Am I having a cottonhead day, or are the measurements for the the small squares for the 4-patch block 2 inches too small?
The large block is cut 12 and a half inches (finishes to 12) and then a four patch block is supposed to come out the same size. But the instructions say to cut 4 and a half inch squares, 4 of which when joined into a block would measure 8 inches -- not 12. Have I missed something?

Date: 9/28/0
Person Posting: Brenda
Pattern: Ohio Star
From: Collector Quilts and how to make them. Book 1, page #30

For the setting triangles it sais to cut a square
15 1/2 inches and it is really only 14 inches.
For the corner triangles it sais to cut a square
9 inches but 7 1/4 is the right dimension.

Date: 9/25/0
Person Posting: B"E" should be "sized" to the same
Pattern: Peaches n Cream
From: Cabbage Rose by Framhouse Quilter's Companion, page #8

Block "D" should be cut 2 and a quarter inches (NOT 2 and a half) and Block
"E" should be "sized" to the same 2 and a quarter inch. If you don't do this the rows do not go together.
The other measurements seem to be OK. Hint: Square up the half square triangles if you do them the way the book suggests.

Date: 8/17/0
Person Posting: Vicki Galante
Pattern: Nine-Patch and Rails
From: Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts, page #117

In the cutting directions from the black print fabric, cut 6, 9 1/4" squares to be used for the setting triangles. These are too small. Cut the squares 9 3/4" and the cut in quarters diagonally.

Date: 8/15/0
Person Posting: Wendy Strumwasser
Pattern: Dancing Snails (Snail Trail)
From: Quilts For Kids, page #29-31

Cutting instructions are for "A,B,C,D,E" and the instructions never mention anything except for the refurrel to block 1 & 2. Piece cut for block E is not clear where the block would fit. Poor diagrams for the placement of that piece. Instructions unclear as to how many of each fabric, since the black & white rendition is not clear. Instructions should refur to fabrics 1,2,3 etc., instead of generic instructions to make 3 each or 4 each. I am a professional quilter and quilt instructor, so this should not have been a problem to understand. There are too many beginners and intermediate quilters that would love to do interesting patterns but would never pick up a problem with directions and just be frustrated. Once you work out the problem, the pattern is beautiful. PS: Piece E goest in the middle of Block 2.

Date: 8/6/0
Person Posting: Sue A. Duthweiler
Pattern: Magnolia
From: Favorite Timeless Patterns for Today's Quilters , page #19

The continuing title reads: by the Editors of Traditional Quiltworks & Quilting Today Magazines 11 Traditional Patterns.

The pattern calles for six yards of the background fabric. I bought seven, thinking that we would have most of a yard left over. We needed every bit of eight yards to make the quilt top.

We recommend that other yardage be recalculated before you buy fabric so you won't be disappointed.

Date: 8/1/0
Person Posting: Joy in St. Louis
Pattern: Patriotic Star
From: Fons and Porter's "For the Love of Quilting", page #29

Directions for the rectangles C & D call for measurements of 3" x 5". Actually, the rectangles should measure 3" x 51/2".

Date: 6/16/0
Person Posting: Karen Takao
Pattern: Stargazer Quilt
From: Stars a la Carte, page #52

Templates provided for 45 degree triangles is too small. When I checked with Bethany S. Reynolds, the author, she told me to enlarge the page 106% to create the proper size template.

Date: 6/13/0
Person Posting: Tamara Karel
Pattern: Wandering Star
From: Scrap Quilts Galore by Quilts Made Easy, page #43-45

after cutting over 60 pieces of white fabric to the size that the pattern suggested, i found out that the pieces were all to small to complete the quilt. The pattern calls for 8 1/2" squares and 8 1/2 x 10 inch rectangles. I think I ended up cutting the new squares to 10" each.

Date: 5/5/0
Person Posting: Pat Piniazek lenihan
Pattern: whales, etc.
From: Travesl with Peaky & Spike, page #several

C & T publishing had an Errata notice up on their website; I can't find it now. There are errors on 14 separate pages of the book, including a missing piece or two. Also announced were sizing errors in a Carol Armstrong book.

Date: 2/21/0
Person Posting: yvonne
Pattern: Colombian Puzzle
From: World Wide Web Quilting Block of the Month II - 7/99, page #

July 1999 Block of the Month at:

If you use 2" squares as indicated, the seams line up forming an X. However, in the Colombian Puzzle block, the seams are not supposed to line up, as one can see in the picture.

I believe the squares should be 2 and 1/2". Could someone please check on this and let me know?


Date: 2/19/0
Person Posting: Linda Scherer
Pattern: Robert Callahan's Medallion Serenad
From: McCall's Quilting Magazine, page #

When sewing the 2" squares together the written instructions say that there should be 20 squares on the last row. The illustration shows 18. 18 is the correct number for the last row.

Date: 2/2/0
Person Posting: Virginia
Pattern: Stars All Around
From: QUILTING TODAY Issue 77, page #6

In the piecing diagram, piece E should be swung around 1 turn to the left for all of the pieces to fit together.

Date: 2/2/0
Person Posting: Valerie Ladd
Pattern: Rolled Batting
From: Quilting for Dummies, page #don't recall

FYI: The author of this book states that, to the best of her knowledge, only poly battings are available on the roll. Incase you didn't know, cotton battings, such as Warm & Natural do come on rolls in which one can buy as much/little as one wants by the yard. This particular batting has a 90 inch width.

Date: 1/16/0
Person Posting: Judy Niemeyer Quilting
Pattern: The Twisted Star
From: Judy Niemeyer Quilting, page #3, 4

The Cutting Instructions - Unit A and Cutting Instructions - Unit B
both had errors. The cutting instructions in Step 2 on both pages 3
and 4 were reworded to coincide with using Fat Quarters instead of
strips. You can find corrections on our homepage at:

There will be an explanation, a picture of the changes that you can
print, and a list of the shops that sold the patterns before we discoverd
the errors. We appologize for any inconvenience that this has caused
our customers and we are willing to send new sheets with these errors
corrected. These sheets are also available at the shops where your
purchase the patterns.

Date: 1/7/0
Person Posting: Linda Scherer
Pattern: Robert Callahan's Medallion Serenad
From: McCall's Quilting Magazine, page #

The purple squares should not be cut at 2 5/8" but 3 1/4" then subcut into quarter square triangles.

Date: 11/9/99
Person Posting: Muriel Risdon
Pattern: Wood Lily block
From: Almost Amish Sampler, Oxmoor House, page #Page 30

The pattern directions call for the use of template V for the four corners. It is too large so I used template N which is a perfect fit. The problem now is that the block ends up being 1 inch smaller than the pattern and all the other block in the quilt. Any suggestions?

Date: 9/24/99
Person Posting: Mary Sue Suit
Pattern: Simply Stellar Sampler
From: A New Twist on Triangles, page #23-27

I think that the problems are related to a "minor variation on a 1/4" seam"
Try moving the ruler just a whisper toward the wing triangle for the trimming of
the Pinwheel Block. If the Pieced diamond block looses it's point sew the center
diagonal seam just a thread width deeper. The more complex the angles the more small
differences are magnified. I hope this helps. I just taught two classes and
had no problems.

Date: 9/24/99
Person Posting: Janet Tryson
Pattern: Hexagon Star Quilts
From: Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts, page #78

Step 1 on pg. 78 says to lay star blocks with center seam running "vertically". However, accompanying figures show a block with a long seam running horizontally and star triangles added to upper right and lower left with grain lines parallel to the horizontal seam. Therefore, I think step 1 should say to lay the blocks down "horizontally."

Date: 9/15/99
Person Posting: Vicki Herrmann
Pattern: Simply Stellar Sampler
From: New Twist on Triangles, page #21-27

I too did fine with the basic star block,even though the measurements for the miter blocks were off. I cannot get the Pinwheel Block to work. I have tried numerous times, and trimmed several ways. I lose the points every time.

Date: 9/12/99
Person Posting: Linda Montcalm
Pattern: Stellar Sampler
From: New Twist on Triangles, page #22-27

I made the center of this quilt and it fit together beautifully. It was when I started on the second block,the pinwheel,that pieces started not to fit together. The problem persisted through the third block,pieced diamond,and the fourth block,diamond star.I have remade these blocks over and over again and I cannot make them work. I love the quilts in this book and want to make them but I'm really getting frustrated.I hope someone can help me.

Date: 9/11/99
Person Posting: Audrey Swan
Pattern: Multi-Fan Star
From: In Love with log cabins, page #44

A quilt group in Old Forge, N.Y. attempted to make this quilt to be raffled off for the arts center. All the strips were cut and passed out for the members of the group to piece together to make the log cabin diamonds. Each diamond that everyone sewed came out different. None of the points were the same. The directions in the book said to trim each strip even with the strip before that. We found that to be able to do this accurately you must have a clear-view triangle.; This tool will keep everything lined up, and the points on each diamond will come out fairly accurately. All and all this quilt has been a very hard quilt to put together. It is now progressing nicely, but has caused a lot of stress. Just thought I would pass this along. This quilt is not for a beginner.

Date: 9/11/99
Person Posting: Linda Montcalm
Pattern: Simply Stellar Sampler
From: New Twist On Triangles Book, page #20-26

I can do the entire center of this quilt and it goes together perfectly. I cannot do the pinwheel block so that the outside edge seam allowance is correct, so I lose all the outside points on these and the pieced diamond blocks. Has anyone else had this problem? There are several errors in the text for the construction of the four different blocks in this book,also. I realize that there was a problem with the ruler earlier but I have a new ruler and I also did the quilt with the templates in the book and I still cannot get it to come together right.I love this quilt and all the other quilts in the book so I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

Date: 8/7/99
Person Posting: Caroljoy Spensley
Pattern: Ocean Waves
From: Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!, page #35

Cutting instructions for piece 4U - Instructions say to cut 3" strips; cut these strips into 3" squares; then cut the squares into quarters diagonally. If you do this with this measurement they will be way too small. Correct size to start with is 4-1/4" strips.

Date: 8/3/99
Person Posting: Carol Gugal
Pattern: Give us This Day Table Runner
From: book-Close to the Heart by Anne McKinney, page #14 & 15

The fabric requirements for the borders calls for 1/4 yd., this is not enough fabric if you cut the borders according to the directions on pg. 15. I found that after washing and drying the fabrics even 1/3 yd. was not sufficient. Buy 1/2 yd.!

Date: 7/23/99
Date: 7/18/99
Person Posting:
Pattern: Log Cabin Twist
From: Little Book of Little Quilts, by Katherine Guerrier, page #45

In step #4, the border cuts specified is wrong. It says cut one strip 15-1/2 x 13-1/2in, and one strip 15-1/2 x 23-1/2in.

It should read: cut one strip 5-1/2 x 13-1/2 in, and one strip 5-1/2 x 23-1/2 in.

Date: 6/27/99
Person Posting: Linda Grotefendt
Pattern: Scrap triangles
From: Our Best Scrap Quilts--Oxmoor House #199101, page #20

The block setting diagram does not produce the pictured
design. Block setting diagram 1 appears to be
all right. Block setting diagram 2 is wrong. The
only solution I see is to make each quarter diagram 1, but
I haven't tried it yet. If anyone has any ideas, I'd
be glad to hear them.

Date: 6/17/99
Person Posting: Nancy Kitchen
Pattern: Not Quite Amish
From: Tradition with a Twist- Blanche Young/Dalene Young, page #124

In the edition of Tradition with a Twist that I own, it reads to cut the strip sets into 2 1/4" sections. This is WRONG!!! They are to be cut
2 1/2" just like all the other sets on this pattern. This is the Not quite Amish quilt at the end of the book, pages 123 and 124. Hope this saves someone from a problem. Nancy in Ky

Date: 6/9/99
Person Posting: Cheryl Walbutton
Pattern: 1930's Flower patch
From: Patchwork & Quilting: Traditional Quilting, page #10,11,12

To make the 6" 9-patch, the pattern says to cut 2.5" x 5.5" strips. This should read 2.5" x 7.5" strips wherever the pattern mentions 9-Patch.

Date: 6/6/99
Person Posting: Joan Leake
Pattern: Oriental Butterflies
From: Quilt Directions, Waynesboro, VA, page #Step #13

error on step #13 of this lovely individual pattern has been announced by designer Joan Leake who wrote letters to guilds asking for help in passing on this info. She says to contact her at address on pattern if no correction label is found on a purchased pattern.

Date: 5/28/99
Person Posting: Beth Kovich
Pattern: Mary Sue's Triangle Ruler
From: A New Twist on Triangles, page #n/a

Due to a manufacturer error, Mary Sue’s Triangle Ruler™ has been recalled. The ruler is approximately 1/8 inch short on two sides. That Patchwork Place has, to the best of their ability, notified customers who have purchased the ruler and asked them to destroy it. A correct version of the ruler will be available in August 1999.

The ruler is a companion tool to the new book A New Twist on Triangles, which contains complete and correct pattern templates for each quilt in the book. The quilt patterns in the book can be
completed without the ruler, using the templates provided. For more information or to return Mary Sue’s Triangle Ruler, please contact That Patchwork Place’s customer service department at 1-800-426-3126. You may also e-mail Beth Kovich at

Date: 5/14/99
Person Posting: Brandie Taylor
Pattern: Shadow Quilt
From: The Weekend Quilt by Leslie Linsley, page #94

Directions call for 2.5 inch strips, it should be
2 inch strips for the pattern to work.

Date: 5/8/99
Person Posting: Karen Bush
Pattern: Ducks Foot In the Pond
From: l2th Anniversary- Red Wagon, page #

Ooops...Gerry has asked me to post an oopsey in her l2th Anniversary book for the pattern Ducks Foot In the Pond: Diagram #l- Template "F" is labeled wrong, it is should read that is it ALSO template "D" instead of "F". Sorry for any inconvenience. You can reach her with any questions: through her website at : :) Karen Bush

Date: 5/7/99
Person Posting: Cathy Trumble
Pattern: Triple Stars
From: Quilt magazine, summer 1999, page #41,85,86,87

great looking paper pieced quilt, but wrong pattern given in magazine. I would really like to have this pattern before fall . Doesn't this magazine have a web site? I can't find one.

Date: 5/1/99
Person Posting: Bonnie Rae
Pattern: Triple Stars
From: QUILT Magazine summer l999, page #67

Lenny DeGroot's marvelous "Triple Stars" quilt is
illustrated on page 41 and the editors invite the
reader to make one themselves with the instruc-
tions and foundation pattern that appears on
page 67. The only trouble is that the pattern
they give on page 67 is for an entirely different
quilt. No where in the magazine does Lenny's
"Triple Stars" pattern appear and it's a shame.
I really wanted to try it.

Date: 4/26/99
Person Posting: Sharon Heilman
Pattern: Grandma's Country Album II
From: Mc Call's Quilting, page #53

The Cockscomb Bouquet block appears to have an error in the cutting size for the background rectangle. The finished size of the block is 12" x 15" so it would seem that the rectangle should be cut 12 1/2" x 15 1/2" instead of the 13 1/2" x
16 1/2" given in the pattern instructions. I have e-mailed the magazine to confirm this error.

Date: 4/22/99
Person Posting: lind mc neely
Pattern: cups and saucers
From: say it with quilts by diana mc clun &laura nownes, page #55

The cutting instructions for background piece (c) reads one and one quarter inch strips. It should read one and one half. In addition this pattern has an applique cup handle, it would have been helpful to have had a placement guide. I am using trial and error.

Date: 4/14/99
Person Posting: Cecilia Warburton
Pattern: Antique Butterfly Quilt
From: Better Homes & Gardens 101 Full Size Quilt Blocks, page #190

The 54 muslin squares for foundation blocks should
be cut 9-1/2" not 10" if the pieced quilt center is
going to measure 18-1/2" x 27-1/2"

Date: 3/25/99
Person Posting: Peggy magnusson
Pattern: Holiday with Family
From: Paper Piecing the Seasons, page #96 & 110

There are errors on these two pages. The corrections can be downloaded from the internet. From the information on the internet the corrections have been made in a later publishing.

Date: 3/22/99
Person Posting: Cathy Hands
Pattern: Striped Sampler Block 5
From: Wedge Works, page #14

Piece Wr and Yr should be cut 12 each not 6

Date: 3/19/99
Person Posting: Florence Burke
Pattern: Snowdrop
From: The Designer's Wrkshop, page #paattern

This is a paper pieced pattern by Ilene Sullivan. The color numbers on the flowers are mixed up. check them against the shaded drawing befor starting.

Date: 3/11/99
Person Posting: Esther Ritchie
Pattern: Crazy Quilt
From: Quilt Almanac 1999, page #Cover & pg 8

I have not been able to find the directions for this quilt in the book. Is it there?

Date: 3/3/99
Person Posting: Nancy Hamm
Pattern: Tree
From: Say It With Quilts, page #47

Error on Cutting 9" block

The correct size to cut is 2 3/4, not 2 1/4 as stated in directions for actual tree.

Date: 2/25/99
Person Posting: Karen Krupa
Pattern: Crown of Thorns
From: Better Home and Gardens Quilt Sampler 1998, page #40

The template for the foundation paper pieced arc has incorrect 1/4 inch seam allowance on all for sides. I have already contacted the publisher and made them aware of the problem. Be sure to redraw with the correct seam allowance.

Date: 2/12/99
Person Posting: Bethany Reynolds
Pattern: Hexagon Star Wall Quilt
From: Magic Stack-n-Whack™ Quilts, page #73

In a post below, Linda J. mentions a concern with the yardage requirements for this quilt. The yardages *are* correct...remember to check the "Stack-n-Whack" chart for your design before cutting the guide piece! In this case, for fabrics with a repeat of 7" to 11", you cut a second stack to get out that third strip; if the repeat is under 7", you double the repeat length of the guide piece to ensure that you can get out the strips needed (see page 76). The chart for each project will tell you what you need to do. The yardages are all carefully calculated to provide at least as many blocks needed for each project with minimal waste of fabric. We were *very* careful in checking all this, and have found no errors in any editions that concern main fabric yardage or cutting instructions - so you can whack away with confidence, as long as you check your repeat length and follow the directions! For those that have earlier editions (before the Oct. '98 4th edition), there are some minor corrections involving borders and figure references; these are posted below. Happy Whacking!
-Bethany Reynolds, author

Date: 2/12/99
Person Posting: Sandy Cook
Pattern: Chimney Sweep
From: Marsha McCloskey's Quick Classic Quilts, page #77

Fabric C fabric for the Queen Size quilt states
4 7/8 yards and only 4 5/8 yards for the King Size. I think 4 to 4 1/8 yards will be plenty, but I do cross grain, not length grain for the borders.

Date: 1/27/99
Person Posting: helen cordell
Pattern: bear's paw
From: wide world of quilting internet, page #

there was an omission of the number of 21/2 inch background blocks needed to complete the whole block. at my class i realized i did not have the correct number of squares for quilters to finish their blocks

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: Sorry for this omission, the page is now fixed. - Sue T
Date: 1/25/99
Person Posting: Kathie Pavelich
Pattern: Grandma's Album II
From: McCall's Feb. 1999, page #9

The instructions on page 9 tell you to cut fabric 1" X4" and on page 10, the same strips are referred to as being cut 1 1/4" .....the first instruction is correct, if you cut them 1 1/4', your stripped piece will be too big.
Also the rectangles of background (cut 2 1/4"X
5 13/16") are a little skimpy..because a corner is cut off these anyway, you could cut these 6" X
2 1/4" , then square up your block before adding the skinny border. This pattern looks great and I'm looking forward to the next "installment".

Date: 1/9/99
Person Posting: Judy S.
Pattern: The Marketplace
From: Tropical Punch by Marilyn Dorwart, page #69

The template for the Building B door is about 1/2" too short. You should make the door the same height as the Building B shutters.

Date: 1/8/99
Person Posting: Gillian Gardner
Pattern: Buckeye Beauty
From: Leisure Arts' Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts, page #37-38

The table that gives the number of blocks and
settings has an error for the king size. It says
a queen size requires 42 blocks set 6x7. Then says
a king size quilt (just 4 inches larger) requires
84 blocks set 12x14! 12x14=168 blocks!! Plus,
no need to even double the # when the quilt is only
4 inches larger. I plan to use 56 blocks and set
7x8 to make a slightly larger quilt.

Date: 1/8/99
Person Posting: Tia
Pattern: Grandma's Country Album II
From: McCall's Quilting, Feb. 99 issue, page #pgs. 9 & 12

This is the first part of a series quilt.
On page 9, it says to cut, out of assorted dark
prints, 25 strips measuring 1" X 4". On page 12,
it says the strips measure 1-1/4" X 4". I
haven't started the block, yet, so I don't know
which is correct. I don't see an email address
for McCall's to question them about it.

It is a beautiful quilt.

Date: 1/7/99
Person Posting: Angie Meyer
Pattern: Pinwheels
From: More Rotary Cutter Quilts, page #52 and 53

On page 52 under Finished Size, it says that the bockes should be 9" square.
On page 53 under Block A Assembly it says they should be 9-1/2 inches. When
cutting, the "B" blocks are cut 9-1/2 inches yet when I finished an "A" block,
it was 9 inches.

Date: 12/8/98
Person Posting: Eirian Thomas
Pattern: Lone Star Wall Hanging
From: Quick Quilting (Kim Ritter), page #84

I know, I should have measured first!!

The cutting instructions for the background fabric for this project is wrong - measure your star before you cut!! I didn't, and I've "wasted" almost 3/4 metre of fabric!
Oh well, I'll just have to add some extras!

Date: 11/9/98
Person Posting: Carol Miller
Pattern: Chain of Stars
From: Traditional Quilter, November issue, page 58-61, page #58

STASH MAGIC - Error in text - My face is red. There is a mistake in the measurements of the Chain of Stars pattern in the November issue of Traditional Quilter.  Piece G should be 2 1/2". I hope you see this before cutting any fabric.  CHM
If you make it, I would love to see a photo - or if you have other questions, I can be e-mailed at

Date: 11/5/98
Person Posting: Linda Jacobs
Pattern: Hexagon Star Wall Quilt
From: Magic Stack-n-Whack, page #73

Main Fabric A amounts for the 6-10 inch repeat are not enough to make all three 3 1/2 inch strips. You have to use two repeats to obtain the required amounts, so double the amounts required, or calculate each repeat amount on an individual basis. Don't get caught short. This project is too much fun to run out of fabric.

Date: 10/29/98
Person Posting: Bethany S. Reynolds
Pattern: Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts
From: Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts, page #assorted

For your convenience (and so you won't have to scroll down!), here are all the
corrections to earlier printings of “Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts”

Pg. 29: Pinwheel Plus Wall Quilt: Accent Fabric D yardage should read "1/2 yd.".
Pg. 34: Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Throw Quilt: Border 2 cutting should read: (4) 3 1/2" strips x 67" cut lengthwise,
*or* (6) 3 1/2" strips across width.
Pg. 62: The Hands All Around Wall Quilt appears in Plates 13A and B on page 13.
Pg. 79: Hexagon Star Wall Quilt: Cut Main Fabric Border 2: (4) 3 1/2" strips x 35" lengthwise strips.
Pg. 80: Hexagon Star Double Quilt: Cut the strip for Main Fabric A Border Half-Triangles 5 3/8" wide.
Pg. 94: Morning Star Queen Quilt: There is an error in the Border Unit Diagram. Unit D2 should be a mirror image of D1, with a triangle of Fabric B on the right. It is shown correctly on the Assembly Diagram on the same page.
Pg. 98: The figure references for the quilting motifs shown in Figures 8-6B, 8-7, and 8-8 are incorrectly given in the text as 8-7, 8-8, and 8-9.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused by these errors.AQS has corrected them as of Oct.'98; if the copyright page says "fourth printing" you have a corrected one.
-Bethany Reynolds, Author

Date: 10/22/98
Person Posting: Katy Padon
Pattern: Double Wedding Ring
From: Betty Boyink tempates, page #n/a

The yardage Betty Boyink gives for the full-size double wedding ring
on her template set is inadequate. Unless you make no mistakes, cut
perfectly, and need only 1/4" to straighten your fabric, you'll run out.
When using the strip-pieced method, buy 1-1/4 yard (not 1 yd!) of the
"outside" wedges and middle wedges. 1 yard is enough for the 2nd and 4th
wedges. Also, she assumes you can get 16 cut wedges from each strip set.
It just ain't so. I've been able to get 15 cutting very conservatively.
Therefore, for the five-ring wall quilt, you'll need three strip sets, not
two. Similarly, for the four-ring quilt, you need two sets, not 1-1/2.
Good luck! The templates are fantastic, but I needed a class to explain
how to use them.

Date: 9/20/98
Person Posting: Bethany S. Reynolds
Pattern: Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts
From: AQS, 1998, page #various

For your convenience, here's a summary of the errors that have been brought to my attention to date. Most have been fixed in the most recent printing.
Pg. 29: Pinwheel Plus Wall Quilt: Accent Fabric D yardage should read "1/2 yd.".
Pg. 62: The “Hands All Around” quilt appears in Plates 13A and B on page 13.
Pg. 79: Hexagon Star Wall Quilt: Bdr. 2: Cut (4) 3 1/2" x 35" lengthwise strips.
Pg. 80: Hexagon Star Double Quilt: Cut the strip for Main Fabric A Border Half-Triangles 5 3/8" wide.
Pg. 94: Morning Star Queen Quilt: There is an error on the Border Unit chart. Unit D2 should look like a mirror image of D1; that is, the small triangle on the right side should be of Background Fabric B. It is shown correctly on the Quilt Assembly diagram.
Pg. 103: Accuracy Guides: the grainline arrows on the Half-Square Triangles are turned 45°; the two short sides of the triangle should be on the straight grain.

(Author's note: Thanks to the Internet, this book has probably had more "proofreaders" than any quilt book in history! Fortunately AQS has been cooperative in making the changes, but I appreciate the opportunity to pass these corrections on for those who have earlier editions. I do ask that if you mention these errors on-line, PLEASE include the address for this page so others will know where to go for all the page numbers, etc. Thanks!)

Date: 9/9/98
Person Posting: Carol Gaskill
Pattern: Pointsettia Tree Skirt
From: Quit, Winter '91, page #72, 73

The "G" pattern piece is a mistake, the pattern should read "F".

You will need to enlarge the pattern piece to the dimensions given. This is the joining pieces and form the star of the tree skirt. It is beautiful when finished.

Date: 9/5/98
Person Posting: Linda Magiera
Pattern: Sunnie's Pig
From: Quilt World, March 1998 issue, page #40

dimensions of 2 pieces were incorrect. Top of
body heart:green print should be 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
and background should be 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". For a
project that's described as using quick methods, I
found it very confusing and wasteful with fabric
being folded over, over and over again. If I were
to do this again, I'd use standard templates rather
than folding over fabrics.

Date: 8/11/98
Person Posting: Bethany Reynolds
Pattern: Hexagon Star Double Quilt
From: Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts, page #80

On page 80, in the second chart, the strip for the Main Fabric A Border Half-Triangles should be cut 5 3/8" wide.

(This error and the ones in my earlier posting should be corrected in the next printing!)

Date: 8/9/98
Person Posting: Laure Warren
Pattern: Economy
From: Quilts Galore! by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes, page #61

Quick cutting - For 4j: cut 5 1/4 wide strips.
The measurement should read 3 3/4!
I was glad I made a block before cutting all the fabric...whew!

Date: 7/24/98
Person Posting: Linda
Pattern: Schoolhouse Block
From: Special Country Quilt Issue of QUILT - Fall '98, page #72 & 73

The slanted roof piece (I) is too long which makes piece E too long also. I found each to be about 1" larger than it should be.

Date: 7/3/98
Person Posting: Pat Chung
Pattern: Log Cabin
From: Sew Many Quilts, May 1996, page #42

In order for this quilt block to end up as a 7" square,it seems to me that you cannot put in pieces #14, 15, 16, and 17 (the outer border of the square). To do so would result in a 9" square, which would not fit into this lovely sampler quilt.

Date: 7/1/98
Person Posting: Bethany S. Reynolds
Pattern: Pinwheel Plus and Hands All Around
From: Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts (AQS, 1998), page #29

The yardage given here for the outer border (Accent Fabric D) has a typo. It should read "1/2 yd."

Quilters have also kindly pointed out a couple of incorrect figure and plate references. The plate reference given on page 62 for the Hands All Around quilt is wrong. This quilt is shown on page 13, plates 13A and 13B. In the quilting section on page 98, the figure references for Figures 8-6B through 8-8 are each off by one, although all the figures appear on this page.

My apologies for any inconvenience or confusion caused by these errors! If your sharp eyes find any others, please let me know at Thanks!
-Bethany Reynolds, Author

Date: 6/30/98
Person Posting: Janet Wigg
Pattern: Harvey #435
From: Country Threads, page #

The fabric requirements are wrong. For the black stripe for pants and suspenders, you need 5/8 yd., not 1/3. For the backing and batting, you need 1 5/8 yd., not 1 1/3.

Date: 6/30/98
Person Posting: Janet
Pattern: Ring Around the Posies
From: Simple Pleasures, page #

The vines should be cut 31/2"x42" instead of 3"x42". You will need more fabric than the pattern calls for. Also, the pattern says to cut 10 border strips-you only need 5.

Date: 6/27/98
Person Posting: Mindy Peterson
Pattern: Grandma's Country Album
From: McCall's Quilting magazine - this is a series quilt, page #62-68 & inserts

There is a mistake in the June 1998 issue. The pattern, Compass Star, has one template that is an incorrect size. It is the C/CR template. I called the magazine and they sent the correction to me via snail mail.

Date: 6/26/98
Person Posting: Linda
Pattern: Double V
From:, 5 patch blocks

The instructions on this block say piece together a background fabric and
a background fabric and then press seam allowance to the focus
fabric. Shouldn't one of these be a focus fabric instead
of saying two background fabrics?

1) Piece together the 2-1/2 strip of background fabric and the
2-1/2" of background fabric. Press the seam allowance toward
the focus fabric.

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: See, I really do mean that anyone can make a mistake <G>. This error is now corrected. Thanks - Sue T

Date: 6/22/98
Person Posting: Linda Heminway
Pattern: Passenger Train
From: Fall into Winter by Gerry Kimmel published by Red Wagon, page #52

Do not rely on the yardage listed to back this
lovely child's quilt. The book gives 4 1/2 yards,
but I found this to be easily a yard short. Do
take measurements and consult with your local
quilt shop owner, or make your own calculations.
Naturally, I purchased a fabric that was near the
end of the bolt and couldn't get any more of it.
I had to border my backing, which created a great
deal more work at a time where I was most anxious
to just get it DONE! Another tip! Now that the
rolls of bias tape that are iron on are available
this would also be a great short cut to produce all
the bias train tracks that are required!
My finished quilt is located at:
on our family web page. My husband put the scan
of it up upside down, and I didn't have the heart
to tell him to fix it, but you can get the idea!
It was a fun project, but the annoying yardage
error could have been prevented!

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