Beginner's Guide to Quilting

For those who want to learn to quilt, the WWQP presents a series of quilt projects each designed to teach basic techniques. Each block pattern contains complete directions not only for the block, but also for various projects using these blocks so the beginning quilter can create useful items and gifts while they are learning. Look for a new block pattern approximately every month with new projects increasing in difficulty and building on the techniques learned in the previous projects

Required Tools

The beginner blocks use techniques such as rotary cutting and machine piecing to give the best results in the shortest period of time. The new quilter will need to have some basic tools to complete the projects presented here. The tools listed below are what we have found to be most useful.


While a complete list of supplies is given for each project, the items below will be used in all the projects.

Beginner's Block Patterns

As with most of the pages found on the WWQP, the Beginner's Guide to quilting is a Work in Process. Our goal is to create a comprehensive guide to introduce the non-quilter to the world of quilting. Your feed back is important to us. Please tell us what you'd like to see and what suggestions you have. E-mail us at Thank you!

© 1999 Susan E Traudt - Feel free to use the patterns and instructions given here for personal or instructional use, but please, if use the information for instruction, you must give credit to the WWQP and provide the URL

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